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AIBU to want DP to stop lurking on mn?

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BroomForMyChin Sun 01-Jan-12 22:10:54

Whenever I attempt to nag for no reason because I'm bored complain about important matters he says 'leave the bastard' then titters to himself, clearly very impressed with himself.

I think he's on the verge of offering me a rl biscuit.


fuzzpig Sun 08-Jan-12 20:52:09

Thankfully DH just rolls his eyes at me if I mention MN.

My Dad wants to use MN, he likes watching the Wright Stuff philosophical debate... I hope he never gets around to it because he would be SO embarrassing.

<waves at Monsieur Noseypants Broom>

ZillionChocolate Sun 08-Jan-12 20:41:41

I'm speechless, having just read the penguin threads. Amazing.

aldiwhore Fri 06-Jan-12 12:36:53

I'm guilty of sometimes thinking this is a comfy private club.

So imagine my surprise the other day when I accused DH of being a pedant and being passive aggressive and he retorted "save those buzz words for MN".

Grrr. I need new buzz words.

lilibet Fri 06-Jan-12 12:29:08

My dp was on mn for ages, he even came on a meet up with me.

I did prefer it if he knew what I was talking about when I was in mn world. Then again I preferred it when we worked together as well - I thnk I must be the wife equivlant of a helicopter parent. hmm

GoingForGoalWeight Tue 03-Jan-12 14:24:19

I remember the penguin thread. Twas very funny.

BroomForMyChin Mon 02-Jan-12 21:15:19

No arguing on my thread


Trills Mon 02-Jan-12 21:04:10

Just wondering how the circumstances came about...

namechangerbat Mon 02-Jan-12 20:58:11

Fuck off trills.

Trills Mon 02-Jan-12 20:57:32

Why did the conception thread know you were pregnant before DP did - are you sure you're not the twat?

namechangerbat Mon 02-Jan-12 19:26:10

Last time I got PG with dd2, DP discovered by googling my MN name and reading the conception thread I was on.


TadlowDogIncident Mon 02-Jan-12 19:24:55

DH got quite addicted to Mumsnet for a little while when DS was tiny. He's gone cold turkey since, but from time to time suggests that I ask for advice on here about something!

Trills Mon 02-Jan-12 16:00:27

Nice to see the evolution of the penguin story... there were texts, and roleplaying, and penguins, but not quite in that combination.

WhereMyMilk Mon 02-Jan-12 15:41:03

Was that the same one who had a spermy sex towel confused

BogChicken Mon 02-Jan-12 15:32:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AFuckingKnackeredWoman Mon 02-Jan-12 12:56:32

Dh loves mumsnet. Everytime im mean to him he yells 'YABU you cunt' and if i ask him to do something he sighs and says ' the sense of entitlement...'


SugarPasteChristmasCake Mon 02-Jan-12 12:54:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jux Mon 02-Jan-12 01:32:56

Just a thought though, if we had fanjo badges (something I would love) would your dh wear one?

Jux Mon 02-Jan-12 01:31:22

I'm really glad dh doesn't even look at mm. It means I can make up any old shit and add "I asked on MN" and he immediately capitulates! [fnar]

randommoment Mon 02-Jan-12 01:12:15

ROFL about the concept of my DP coming anywhere MN. He'd freak completely poor lamb. He knows I do it, but seems to regard it as a legitimate excuse to spend far too much time watching rugby on Sky+. Which makes us quits I suppose. Meanwhile children set light to house...

BroomForMyChin Mon 02-Jan-12 01:01:43

I'm so confused!

Chaos what bedroom problem? Did he have a problem and not tell me?

And I don't think he rinses his mince wink if he does he's pretty secretive about it as I've never caught him.

SpaghettiTwirlerPrancerVixen Sun 01-Jan-12 23:51:40

Oh yanbu btw!

SpaghettiTwirlerPrancerVixen Sun 01-Jan-12 23:51:10

Oh god. That mince rinsing thread grin

The OPs DH rinses all the fat off cooked mince. . . .

SugarPasteChristmasCake Sun 01-Jan-12 23:40:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cheekyendto2011monkey Sun 01-Jan-12 23:34:12

Leave the bastard!

GoingForGoalWeight Sun 01-Jan-12 23:32:31

Tomorrow's dinner should consist of a fruit shoot and Greggs sausage rolls. That'd teach him.

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