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To think a sit down breast-feeding protest is a pointless and exhabitionist?

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WhiteTrash Mon 12-Dec-11 19:07:36

Totally prepared to be flamed for this.

Im from sunny Brighton and a post on facebook recently did the rounds regarding one women breastfeeding in a cafe to be approached by several 70 year old women who told her she should have been more descreet.

Yes they're out of line.

Next day theres posts going round about a sit down breastfeeding protest in town that Id been invited to.

My first thought was why?! I come from a very open minded, accepting, earth-mother (aka middle class hippies)ish town. To have a sit down breastfeeding protest is purely exhabitionist 'look at me! Im breastfeeding, in your face- ACCEPT ME. SEE ME.' bullshit.

I feel I (we) make far more a point by simple breastfeeding 'normally' around town as and when we need to. Why the need to get a group. Of women together for boob time?

Moominsarescary Wed 21-Dec-11 19:42:49

I've never heard of anyone being told they should be more discreet though, I know lots of people say that they've been told they shouldn't bf in public, but not that they should do it more discreetly

Laquitar Wed 21-Dec-11 20:35:27

Tbh i didn't see any poster here having issue with bfing in public -most said they have done so themselves (although the thread is very big and i might have missed those posts).
And married's suggestion makes more sense than the protest imo.

I meant to say Happy 17th for your son earlier Married and then i forgot to type it. You gave birth on xmas day shock. Like soap opera grin.

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