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SirSugar Wed 07-Dec-11 09:58:54

This rumbles on and on, so far have done the following;

asked nicely
got cross
written letters
offered to get them a cat (they don't want one)
kept cat indoors, except for 15 mins in morning

but they are STILL feeding mine who is greedy and if I'm not on the ball during his 15 min morning run will be let into their house and not let out until I telephone to ask them to let him out.

Apparently, they used to keep a cat and for sentimental reasons they keep his bowls and 'put a little food down' which my cat nibbles on YET they have done everything they reasonably can NOT to feed my cat

[now absolutely fucking furious emoticon]

WhoopsyLa Wed 07-Dec-11 10:27:36

Get a legal's bloody theft! If they get a solicitors letter they will soon stop! So cheeky!

CoffeeDog Wed 07-Dec-11 10:28:11

Present them with the next vet bill as the want to 'share' YOUR cat... should be enough to put them off...

If you have a accomadating vet get them to list a few of the treatments he requires (obviousley bump it up a bit).

We have 1 cat... we also get visited by upstairs cat and next door cat.... tried EVERYTHING to stop the buggers comming in but all three come and go as they please - in all 3 houses. all three owners have given up trying to enforce rules on the bloody cats.

Magnetic cat flap dont work as cats follow each other face to bum to get through before they lock/ same with the fortune upstairs spent on a chip one As long as they stay off the worktops and dont mind the twins 'loving' them they can stay ;) works out brilliant if one of us wants to go away for a few days ;)

schroeder Wed 07-Dec-11 10:28:40

Have you tried talking to the police?

Don't go ringing 999 obviously, but the comunity support officer could go around and have a quiet word.

I get all het up just thinking about this I would be livid in your situation, how bloody dare they?

marthastew Wed 07-Dec-11 10:28:59

If they refuse to take your request seriously, who would they pay attention to?

Could their kids/relatives/other neighbours have a word with them? Agree with talking to the RSPCA and seeing what they think about it. Letter from your vet? Letter from a solicitor?Do you have a friendly neighbourhood policeman you could sound out about it?

Do you have time to really make yourself a nuisance to them and go round there immediately every time they let him on? Maybe over Christmas when they have family round? If you can't see their house from yours, get a cat collar cam?

EnjoyResponsiblyIfSleighFlying Wed 07-Dec-11 10:29:33

Attach offensive object to cat eg stink bomb with timer to let off when neighbour opens door grin

SirSugar Wed 07-Dec-11 10:29:44

late for work, will check in later, cat indoors now looking mournfully at food bowl even though hes eaten two breakfasts.

Startail shock mad crazy people

I do feel for you, this happened to two of my chidhood cats with the people who's garden backed on to my parents, they took both f them despite my Mum taking me round in tears, the couple simply said the cats obviously prefered being there are there was nothing they could do sad

I am pretty sure that in law you cannot 'own' a cat, they are not classed as property (though dogs are) this is why you are not obliged to inform anyone if you hit a cat on the road, but must if you hit a dog.

PurpleRayne Wed 07-Dec-11 10:31:34

If he's not such an outdoor focused cat (which sounds the case), perhaps it is time to become an indoor cat with access to an outdoor run.

SirSugar Wed 07-Dec-11 10:31:56

EnjoyResponsibly grin

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 07-Dec-11 10:32:51

If they are feeding an overweight cat is that cat abuse though? I mean if the vet has told you he is overweight and to diet him and you cant because these weirdos keep feeding him?.

Could you complain to the police? theft is assuming the rights of ownership over something that is not yours.

SirSugar Wed 07-Dec-11 10:35:16

Cats are property of owner in law, yet have right to roam. I told neighbour if my cat did damage I would be responsible then he said HE could get an INJUNCTION against ME because my cat scratches HIS furniture!

DONT LET IT IN THEN AND FFS DONT FEED IT; its mindblowingly fucking bonkers dealing with these people

I really have to go now i'm late

stinkyfluffycat Wed 07-Dec-11 10:41:01

Tell them the cat has fleas? Fake a scary - looking solicitor's letter? Actually get a scary - looking solicitor's letter? (although I have no idea if feeding someone else's cat is actually remotely illegal).
Tell them the over - feeding is making him puke?
Tell them cat is possessed by Satan/a voodoo priest/dead person of your choice?

FaverollesWithBoughsOfHolly Wed 07-Dec-11 10:47:37

I lost my cat to a neighbour who decided to feed it hmm
Personally, I would be keeping the cat indoors from now on.
If that's impossible, send a solicitors letter spelling out the fact that the cat is yours, and any vet bills due to problems brought about by the cat being overweight will be paid for by them, as they are responsible for the cat overeating.

momnipotent Wed 07-Dec-11 10:52:54

I can't get over the fact that they don't own a cat but put food down for sentimental reasons. Bizarre! So if your cat didn't come and eat it, presumably the next morning they throw away the old food and replace it. Isn't that just asking for an infestation of some sort?!

snuffaluffagus Wed 07-Dec-11 10:53:50

I'd keep him inside for a good while, maybe break the cycle.

ujjayi Wed 07-Dec-11 10:56:58

I feel for you. A good friend and neighbour did this continually with one of our cats. I heard them discussing with neighbours how he preferred their home to ours, was lectured to by them how I obviously didn't provide enough food and water for him as he was always hungry/thirsty at their house (all stated in a very passive-aggressive manner), had DCs in tears over half term when they noticed that once again cat was sitting on their windowsill being fussed and played with by their GCs. I repeatedly asked them kindly not to do so, explaining how upsetting it was for us all. Ultimately I had to have a real stinking argument with them. We have our cat back but sadly the friendship did not survive.

I agree that either you need to get the arse good and proper with them or you need to go via a solicitor.

LulaBear Wed 07-Dec-11 11:10:45

My mum had this exact problem a couple of years ago hmm called the police, who said they couldn't do anything. Chipped the cat, told them he was diabetic, "do not feed collars" the whole lot. You just sort of have to go to war, I'm afraid. I have no idea why people don't adopt one of the many cats that need good homes. Still makes me really angry, my mums disabled and it really put her back.

SirSugar Wed 07-Dec-11 11:47:26

definitely feel we are at war stage, though in one last final bid will send DP round there. I get impression that the H of the pair is distinctly old school, women should know their place types due to the fact that his tone of voice with me is one of 'I should be listening to him', then refuses to talk if I have anything to say.

During our last telephone conversation when I asked why they could not respect my wishes he put the wife on who then shouted down the phone ' who the hell do you think you are? You are not someone off Strictly Come Dancing', then she slammed phone down

needless to say I didn't call back as its pointless

ChippingInNeedsSleep Wed 07-Dec-11 11:56:34

Your DP hasn't been around yet?? Definitely get him to go around and 'on the war path' too - not in a nicey nicey neighbour way. Get him wound up about it.

Have you gone off at them? Full banshee style?

Local police - get upset, explain about your Mum giving you the cat after DH died etc. Explain they're old but bonkers and ask if they could just pop by.

Good Luck !!

CinnabarRed Wed 07-Dec-11 11:56:45

So they would listen to someone off Strictly? Time to get Brucie on the case....

CinnabarRed Wed 07-Dec-11 11:58:19

It would make great telly.

SirSugar Wed 07-Dec-11 11:59:52

have been keeping DP back as last resort

SirSugar Thu 08-Dec-11 10:13:40

Phoned RSPCA yesterday and they clarified that should neighbour let cat in then keep it in, not giving it free access to get out of house then neighbour is 'with holding my property'.

This morning let it out and then saw man letting it in the house and shutting door. called cat loudly next to their house for 15 mins and filmed it sitting inside their house by frosted glass door, meowing to be let out; saw man inside house walk past door and ignore cat and my calling.

sent over DP, when he banged on front door, man quickly let cat out of side door.

Man is nutcase, said cat got in by itself and then invited us round for drinks to discuss the matter so that we may observe polite society (his words). He wants us to go round and discuss reasonably his unreasonable behaviour, surely their are better ways of ingratiating yourselves towards your neighbours?

ChippingInNeedsSleep Thu 08-Dec-11 10:17:30

He wants you to 'observe polite society'

Tell him the only thing you will be observing is the ambulance when they bring the little white coats around. They've completely lost the plot.

What did your DP say????

fergoose Thu 08-Dec-11 10:18:57

I have had a similar problem, but nowhere near as bad as you SirSugar

The Strictly comment - what are you going to do, send Tess round. Your neighbour sounds utterly bizarre.

I am sorry but how can you be expected to observe polite society if he is stealing your cat? I would be calling the non emergency police for advice at least. At least then their unreasonable behaviour is on record then if nothing else.

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