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Any had experience with sporadic croup?

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HairyBeaver Thu 01-Dec-11 23:55:21

Hi ladies

I know it's not IABU but need advice and to keep awake till DH and DD get back from A&E

DD (2) woke up crying and a weird cough and her breathing was very harsh and erratic. Like she was struggling for breath. After a drink her voice went completly and breathing got worse so DH rushed her to A&E and dr diagnoised this and ha given her steroids.

Anyone else gone through this and any advice on how to make her feel better?

Thank u

GetOffTheCat Fri 02-Dec-11 00:06:48

Hi! Humidified air helps, which may mean the bulk of tonight spent with the shower running if you have one. I bought an own-brand humidifier from Argos (about £30) and use it at the first signs of cough/sniffle. Best money I've spent on a long time.

HairyBeaver Fri 02-Dec-11 00:12:51

Thank you! She's now snuggled on me wide awake hmm the dr gave her the first dose of steroids. She has no other ailments like temp etc so fingers crossed for some shut eye tonight smile

serpentina Fri 02-Dec-11 00:13:01

Both my dd got croup occasionally and it was always scary. They'd go to bed completely well and wake in the night with a loud barking cough and (what appeared to be) shortness of breath. I never had much luck with holding them over steam - someone advised me to turn on the shower maximum heat to generate the steam. I used to wrap mine up warm and stand outside in the cool night air and eventually it would pass. Took ages tho' and was v. stressful. I was relieved when they finally outgrew it.

HairyBeaver Fri 02-Dec-11 00:15:38

Yep that's exactly what happened tonight, went to bed fine them woke up breathing funny.

Was pretty scary and my older DS had bronchitis twice as a baby and was hospitalised and never sounded like that sad

Will do the shower trick if (fingers crossed not) another "attack" comes on sad

MmeBucket Fri 02-Dec-11 00:27:44

DS gets croup several times a year. He started when he was 18 months, and still continues at 8. I've found for him that going outside works much better than the shower (unless he has a bout in the summer). If you have any turmeric amongst your spices, I've found that that helps, too. I give him a teaspoon or so with a lot of honey. It isn't a miracle, but it has anti-inflammatory properties, and it does seem to help him breathe.

overtheyardarm Fri 02-Dec-11 00:29:57

We had 2 scary dramatic blue light ambulance trips with our DD when she was two and a couple of attacks I managed at home with steam before that. Always in the early hours too after going to bed fine. Her attacks seemed to get more severe each time and she was going blue the last time we called an ambulance (and I'll always be so grateful for marvellous response!). But then I discovered the homeopathic rememdy Aconite and gave it to her whenever another atack started (and whenever a cold started) and although she's had a few atacks over the years since they have never been so severe and we've never been back to hospital. Touch wood at 12 she's grown out of it.

Best of luck.

HairyBeaver Fri 02-Dec-11 06:16:48

Thanks everyone will try all those remedies hopefully she wont have anymore attacks this time round sad

Jessigriffo Sun 13-Nov-16 01:07:30

I had it my self few years back. I woke up and felt like I just had some flem in my throat I sat up and tried to cough it out but then I couldn't control the coughing and I was finding it hard to breath in. I tried to climb out of my bed (I was in a cabin bed) but I only made it out of my room before collapsing in front of my door where my mum and dad could just about hear that I was in trouble. According to my parents I list all colour in my face lips turned blue and my self thought that's it. It only happened twice after that but my mum and dad to be safe put my medals on the bars on my bed so if I was to be in that situation again I can just hit the medals on my bed. I haven't had it recently but often when I'm ill I get the same feeling as that morning when I first had it and it does scare me but I don't tell my parents due to when it happened my mum who had bad biopola had very bad broken sleep for months after and I don't like to worry her.
(Sorry I know this is a "mums sight" and it's been over a year but thought I would share my story) thank you.

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