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Not really an AIBU, more a How did I get so WEIRD....

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Cathycomehome Tue 29-Nov-11 22:42:51

My son is obsessed by the game FIFA 12 for Xbox. Both son and partner are obsessed by football.

There is a lot of football on telly in this house.

The commentator on FIFA 12 is the voice of the chap who does the commentary on the real football...I have recently found that watching football on TV, I DON'T BELIEVE IT IS REAL! I find myself thinking that it is in fact all an Xbox game, and the players are being controlled.

That is properly weird isn't it? blush

Cathycomehome Tue 29-Nov-11 23:07:41

(We have pampas grass out the front - my BOSS informed me of it's meaning when he dropped me off once....)

Cathycomehome Tue 29-Nov-11 23:07:58


Slainte Tue 29-Nov-11 23:09:28

I often try to zoom in using my fingers to expand the page a-la-iPad-style when I'm reading newspapers etc and don't have my glasses on.

AFingerofFudge Tue 29-Nov-11 23:10:00

hmm, I do the FIFA thing the other way round - I hear them playing on it, forget that it ISN'T real, and keep saying "what's the score?" (as yes I do actually like real football!)

ViviPru Tue 29-Nov-11 23:34:14

Slainte grin

TheSmallClanger Tue 29-Nov-11 23:37:02

Watching real live football is a bit weird - there is no commentary and sometimes you can't quite tell whether someone has scored for a moment or two. Also, the pitch is the same size as your local park pitch, when it feels as if it should be bigger.

WinterIsComing Tue 29-Nov-11 23:42:05

Off-topic but that thread about fascinating Danish men facts needs to be moved out of chat before it disappears forever.

I've just asked DH if I do or think anything weird and he hunched his shoulders, gave a massive sort of "full-body" sigh and put on a martyred expression as if to say, "where to start..."


OneWaySystemBlues Tue 29-Nov-11 23:57:29

I keep trying to open my front door with the car key fob....

TalcAndTurnips Wed 30-Nov-11 00:04:05

I'm a bit concerned about the feasibilty of planes flying; I think that they're up there just through sheer willpower.

Look here - this pilot was having a few doubts

One day a scientist will point out that it's all just bollocks and planes will just fall out of the sky. Followed by all the bumblebees, who will also suffer a crisis of confidence.

Honeydragon Wed 30-Nov-11 00:06:28

If I have lost the tv remote I go and get my phone to call it and them stand there wondering what the remotes number is.

I do this nearly everytime it's lost blush

caramelwaffle Wed 30-Nov-11 00:17:54

grin Honeydragon

springydaffs Wed 30-Nov-11 00:18:17

Back in the day when mobile phones were Dom Jolly size, DH took the remote on the train to a business meeting in London. Whipped it out, trying to look cool.

I do that car fob/front door thing too. Somebody ought to design one. Fingerprint-reader of course. Security and all.

RomaloDownUnder Wed 30-Nov-11 00:21:44

A few years ago I was playing FAR too much Age of Empires and could actually see green and red health bars over RL peoples heads. Could be a useful skill in a health care profession hmm.

Aerobreaking Wed 30-Nov-11 00:25:39

Outing myself as a nerdy gamer here, but if anyone else has ever played mariokart, there is a thing you can do called boost where if you follow another kart so you are directly behind them you get an extra bit of speed. I have, on more than one occasion, been walking down the street, noticed that there is someone right behind me and moved sideways because I don't want them to get a boost from being behind me blush

WinterIsComing Wed 30-Nov-11 00:34:45

grin at the gaming weirdness.

I got into it a bit when I was pregnant and had to forego wine used to do things like that.

Love the idea of visible health bars!

staylucky Wed 30-Nov-11 00:43:05

Oh, can't breathe...too funny grin

blonderedhead Wed 30-Nov-11 00:51:10

I got really into Fruit Ninja on my phone and whenever the Innocent ad with the falling fruit came on tv I had an unbelievable urge to swipe the TV with my finger.

Also, you are being vvvR for using 'obsessed by'.

boschy Wed 30-Nov-11 06:44:49

I am totally convinced that in Australia (and other far-flung places of similar latitude) people are actually clinging on to the world by their feet, and if not hanging vertically are at least leaning at an angle relative to the latitude.

I KNOW this isnt the case, but it should be. I think.

Honeydragon Wed 30-Nov-11 07:31:19

This thread is brilliant grin

Loving the red and green health bars .... Pmsl!

Shodan Wed 30-Nov-11 07:45:49

I was going to come on here to point and laugh at all you wierdos.

Then I read this "I often try to zoom in using my fingers to expand the page a-la-iPad-style when I'm reading newspapers etc and don't have my glasses on" and realised that in fact you need to shoosh up and find room for me on the wierdo bench.

Also, I sometimes find myself amazed that toddler foreigners can understand a different language to English. Only for second, you understand, until reason reasserts itself, but still...

Proudnscary Wed 30-Nov-11 07:59:49

Ever so slightly off topic:

I was on the phone for half an hour to a close friend who was having relationship problems - the whole time I was looking for my phone in my bag, getting more and more secretly frantic.

I finally said 'Darling, I'm so sorry to cut you off but I've lost my phone, I'm going to have to go'. She said: 'You're talking on it.'

Svrider Wed 30-Nov-11 08:00:55

In the beginning of big brother I had a mancunian running commentry in my head
"today in the svrider house dd1 voms in the bed, dd2 unimpressed"
Also when out alone queue crimewatch "svrider" last seen going to the beer off"

Proudnscary Wed 30-Nov-11 08:02:46

Svrider - Geordie surely?

WifiNappies Wed 30-Nov-11 08:05:29

I believe I'm the only real person in the world and everyone else is an actor robot. An unseeable power is logging my movements and thoughts, setting me challenges and generally trying to make my life difficult.

I know it's not the same but I thought I'd share.

MoreBeta Wed 30-Nov-11 08:07:44

"..watching football on TV, I DON'T BELIEVE IT IS REAL! I find myself thinking that it is in fact all an Xbox game, and the players are being controlled."

You are entirely correct.

The players are controlled by managers and especially their agents. The stories you read in newspapers and see on TV about their private lives are not always accurate and often placed there by their PR team.

At the end of it all ..... soccer is just a game.

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