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to think I might be due a wax?

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leeloo1 Sat 26-Nov-11 17:47:03

When my DH was little he apparently made his mum a new willy out of a toilet roll tube - as he was upset that she'd lost hers. She was not impressed! hmm

Hotpotpie Fri 25-Nov-11 21:49:51

this made me chuckle grin

ouryve Fri 25-Nov-11 20:20:12

DS1, when little, told me that we needed to go out and buy me a willy because mine had fallen off. That was the time I chose to banish him from the bathroom when I was doing my business.

ageperfect Fri 25-Nov-11 20:11:39

ha ha balloontwister....

bippyhippy Fri 25-Nov-11 19:18:56


millie19 Fri 25-Nov-11 18:13:50

Ok so who's going to ask someone to sponsor them for Fanuary then!? .....dare you wink

XenaWP Fri 25-Nov-11 17:49:49

BalloonTwister - stroke of genius - Fanuary...

chocolateyclur Fri 25-Nov-11 16:47:53


BalloonTwister Fri 25-Nov-11 16:23:18

I say leave it..The men have Movember, i think we should be able to have Fanuary!

dottygirl1 Fri 25-Nov-11 16:17:27

My DH defo needs a waxing. His back is so hairy. My 7 year old DD was putting sun cream on his back in summer and asked him if he wanted his hair split down the middle or over to the side. He wasnt impressed but then again he is not the one looking at it!!!

laluna Fri 25-Nov-11 16:07:05


AmberLeaf Fri 25-Nov-11 15:28:41

PeppaTwig this thread made the talk roundup congratulations!

One of my DSs used to do a cute 'RAAAH' at any furry creature he saw on TV/books/etc.......he found me pulling up knickers in the loo once and said 'RAAAH' so clearly my bush also resembled a guinea pig or something!

PeppaTwig Tue 22-Nov-11 14:52:46

It was quite funny but I do have very regular waxes so hardly called for!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 22-Nov-11 14:29:31

A trim at least!

Visions of Miranda in SATC2.

I've told my son I don't poo, I have flowers! He's 5 and still believes me - I think!

sprinkles77 Tue 22-Nov-11 14:17:12

aaaaah, aren't toddlers funny? I'm fairly well groomed down there. DS 20 months pointed and said "dirty" with the whiney tone of voice and scrunched up face he uses for a pooey nappy.

TheOriginalFAB Tue 22-Nov-11 13:55:22


redexpat Tue 22-Nov-11 13:54:10

Now cleaning tea off my keyboard!

HexagonalQueenOfTheSummer Tue 22-Nov-11 13:26:14

Haha, yes maybe a little waxing might be in order..

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Tue 22-Nov-11 13:24:23

Thanks for sharing!

PeppaTwig Tue 22-Nov-11 13:05:44

DS (2.1) just pointed at my fanjo and went "Rooooaaaaarrr!"

Mortification ensues blush

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