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To think children with headlice that mothers refuse to treat should be sent home with a bottle of Hedrin

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MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 19:55:31

and not allowed back until treated.

I type this as my dd 6 is shrieking and sobbing in the bathroom yet again whilst dp combs her hair.She was clear yesterday after several days combing,she came back today infested with several fully sized adults(quite clearly not recently hatched from missed eggs).

I have to treat my dd as it effects her concentration.She has waist length hair(always tied up) which she likes and wants to keep.We treat/check her hair regularly but it hurts and is expensive when we resort to Hedrin. It's affecting our home life.

There is one child in the class who continually has nits and never gets it treated.My dd likes her and wants to play with her but this evening just said she doesn't anymore after 2 years as she's fed up with us hurting her.DD watches the nits crawling on this girl in lessons.Many parents/kids know and I feel sorry for her.

I feel this PC do nothing attitude is contributing to the nits epidemic and does many children no favours. A quiet phonecall home like we had when I was little and the whole class would be nit free. Kids wouldn't need continuous painful comb outs and more importantly infested kids wouldn't have children avoiding them for fear of catching nits.

Hard hat firmly on.

HairyBeaver Fri 18-Nov-11 19:58:54

I think the school should ring the parents tbh and if ignored then report to social services as it's neglect and a form of abuse IMHO

Can't stand when parents don't treat them, If their skint they can get it on prescription angry

Chandeleria Fri 18-Nov-11 19:59:25

I'm shocked, I can't imagine parents doing nothing when they are aware their child has lice shock. Something should be said, can you have a word with the teacher?

bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Fri 18-Nov-11 20:00:32

What about children with headlice that fathers refuse to treat?

bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Fri 18-Nov-11 20:01:17

Oh and who would pay for the Hedrin? cos its expensive.

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:02:13

Other parents have,one mum apparently bought some Hedrin for her.School can do nothing other than send those circular notes out to everybody as it's discrimination-so it goes on and I have to continuously torture my daughter then resort to bloody expensive Hedrin for all 3 kids when she's had enough.

ilovesprouts Fri 18-Nov-11 20:02:14

if you stick a live nit onto paper you can get nit stuff for free

ImperialBlether Fri 18-Nov-11 20:04:07

Even if someone sorted out the child, she'd come back with them again the next day as the rest of the family would have them, too.

Surely the school has a police regarding this? I don't think they should hand out the Hedrin - I am fed up of people waiting to be babied by the state - but probably that's the only thing that would work. Hand out 20 bottles, for everyone the child's in contact with.

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:04:27

Fathers,mothers,grans couldn't give a flying f***k and yes I know it's expensive because I have to pay for it continuously unlike the parents in question who choose to do nothing. With 3 children it costs a small fortune but as I don't want my dd to feel lousy or her schoolwork to suffer I have to shell out.

NatashaBee Fri 18-Nov-11 20:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:06:23

Ok send the child home until treated.It's what we did in the 70s-we survived and I only had nits once.If it was my child I'd pick her up and treat her pdq no questions asked.

slavetofilofax Fri 18-Nov-11 20:06:30

YANBU, but the parents should have to pay for the Hedrin. And be billed for that of the rest of the class.

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:07:19

I've been to the gp and asked for it free,was sent away with a flea in my ear.

ilovesprouts Fri 18-Nov-11 20:08:25

scratchers head now

belgo Fri 18-Nov-11 20:09:05

'What about children with headlice that fathers refuse to treat?'

I was just about to say the same thing. It's always the mother's fault. We had a problem with nits last year due to a child whose father wouldn't/couldn't treat her - but of course as a single father, he got sympathy hmm

VivaLeBeaver Fri 18-Nov-11 20:09:29

It's not right. There used to bea kid in dd,s class that always had nits. She came for tea once and was crawling in them, she said her mum knew! There was no way she had been treated. Dd got them a couple of times I'm sure from her.

I think you can get a prescription for hedrin from the gp.

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:11:12

As I said fathers,mothers,grans- don't care.My dp does dd in our house as I can't bare the trauma anymore.I have to put my hands over my ears.

belgo Fri 18-Nov-11 20:11:31

Even though I've spent 200 euros in nit treatment in the last couple of years, I strongly protest at the idea that GPs' valuable time is being wasted by people wanting free nit treatment.

I would prefer to see the cost of Hedrin and nitty gritty combs come right down.

Panzee Fri 18-Nov-11 20:12:26

I'd do it myself if they'd let me. But that's probably assault these days. sad

RandomMess Fri 18-Nov-11 20:12:31

You can report the parents for neglect, a constant untreated infection like that is neglect! They drink your blood make you feel "lousy".

I would tell the school if it isn't dealt with you will be reporting the family to social services for neglect. I know someone who issued this threat and finally the school did say something and got the problem sorted!

It is one thing to be struggling to get rid of an infestation to not treating it at all!

CaptainNancy Fri 18-Nov-11 20:13:35

So- the child's education should suffer because the parents are lazy/feckless?

Really? hmm

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:14:37

I agree it's daylight robbery £16 a bottle to treat my 3,then I have to get another bottle to do it again in a weeks time.

If you comb our school said it needs to be done am and pm daily-yeah right with 3 dc,long curly hair,reading and homework so Hedrin it is.I'm going to be bankrupt at this rate.

I think we need a MN campaign!!!!!!!!

MrsHeffley Fri 18-Nov-11 20:15:46

Captain everybody else's child's education is suffering,they just can't concentrate.

HeadsRollingInTheAisles Fri 18-Nov-11 20:16:47

Does this have to turn into an argument about mothers or fathers? It's ridiculous. Presumably OP wrote mother because she is one and it was what came naturally to her to write. This thing of turning every thread into who can be the most politically correct is so boring and pedantic.

WellIShouldNever Fri 18-Nov-11 20:21:29

Last year I spent around £150 on diff treatmenets etc,,...
Try Olive oil (like you get for Cradle cap) put on dry hair, comb & comb,...
It works really well as the buggers cant grip to the hair. And no chemicals as well.

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