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BistoBear Thu 17-Nov-11 22:05:36

...when the speed limit is 70mph?

I used to drive at 70-75mph but have cut down to 50mph and I am saving so much money due to reduction in fuel being used smile Before, on a full tank of petrol I could do two return journeys from halls/uni back to my home-town (150 miles) and I would need to refuel pretty quickly. I can now do THREE return journeys on one full tank and still have some left smile

I'm really happy to be saving money but I am a little bit worried about hindering other road users? So, am I being unreasonable?

hellhasnofury Thu 17-Nov-11 22:07:23

You might find yourself a little unpopular with other drivers, especially lorry drivers.

GingerWrath Thu 17-Nov-11 22:07:41

Yes, sorry, but it's people like you that cause accidents because drivers don't want to be stuck behind you.

PeppaPigandGeorge Thu 17-Nov-11 22:08:08

YANBU. If you were driving at 30 it would be a bit much but I think 50 is fine.

PeppaPigandGeorge Thu 17-Nov-11 22:08:53

How does driving at 50 cause accidents? Surely it's the people who overtake when it isn't safe to do so that cause the accident??!!

trixymalixy Thu 17-Nov-11 22:09:48

YABU and a bit selfish, you will force trucks to overtake you as they drive at 60 thus making the road more dangerous for all.

Hulababy Thu 17-Nov-11 22:09:58

Do you at least stay in the left lane?

By driving at 50mph you are more likely going to have people being more impatient and wanting to overtake you.

southeastastra Thu 17-Nov-11 22:10:21

they will overtake you don't worry

Of course YABU.

Traffic moves at 70ish on a motorway or dual carriageway, and coming up behind something going so much slower is very dangerous.

BistoBear Thu 17-Nov-11 22:11:16

But it's on motorways and dual carriageways where they can get passed quite easily if they want to. I've noticed that most lorries drive at around 50mph so I find myself either toddling along behind them or actually overtaking them. I do speed up when overtaking so as not to slow anyone down in the over taking lane.

ouryve Thu 17-Nov-11 22:11:47

If you don't mind that people will have to swerve around you and even reasonable, non-speeding drivers will wonder where your flat cap is.

DH is a careful driver and doesn't habitually speed but usually has a few choice words to share about drivers who are a lot slower than the normal traffic flow.

nulgirl Thu 17-Nov-11 22:11:51

YABU to drive much under the speed limit. It causes almost every other vehicle to have to pull out to overtake you and it is dangerous.

Shenanagins Thu 17-Nov-11 22:11:58

As long as you stay on the inside lane and not be one of those stupid middle lane hoggers and speed up as appropriate (and within the speed limit) if overtaking. Will step away now before I go off topic and into full rant about middle lane hoggers...

SquishyCinnamonSwirls Thu 17-Nov-11 22:12:05

I think YABU.
I've reduced my speed to 60 and generally tuck in behind a big lorry on long journeys to slipstream and become more fuel efficient that way. I'm also not being a hindrance to other drivers.

GingerWrath Thu 17-Nov-11 22:12:11

Very dangerous, especially when lorries pull out in a 2 lane carriageway to overtake, causes sudden braking.

trixymalixy Thu 17-Nov-11 22:12:24

A friend of mine failed her driving test for driving too far the speed limit when there was no reason for it.

trixymalixy Thu 17-Nov-11 22:12:45

Too far below

mercibucket Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:07

Yabu imo but hey, I'm not sure what the lower speed limit is - there is such a thing as too slow (obv not in traffic jams) but what speed gets you pulled over by the police I'm not sure

mercibucket Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:07

Yabu imo but hey, I'm not sure what the lower speed limit is - there is such a thing as too slow (obv not in traffic jams) but what speed gets you pulled over by the police I'm not sure

PeppaPigandGeorge Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:17

The speed limit for a lorry under 7.5 tonnes on single carriageway is actually 50 mph. It's only 60mph on dual carriageway, where lorry drivers would have a whole lane to use if they wanted to overtake the OP. The speed limiy for bigger lorries is even lower.

methsdrinker Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:17

Yabu you need to speed up to 56 the same speed as lorries. You are causing lorries to have to pull out and overtake causing congestion. Best way is to tuck yourself behind a lorry and take advantage of their slipstream. That will gain better petrol usage and you won't clutter up the motorway

MaryQueenOfSpots Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:17

Our 1968 campervan doesn't go much over 50mph. AIBU to travel on the motorway?

I always thought it was a 70 mph was a limit, not a target?

southeastastra Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:42

have never found people driving at 50 to be a hinderance at all

it's the arseholes in the audi's doing 100 that are the problem

sprinkles77 Thu 17-Nov-11 22:13:51

Check you car's stats (look in the handbook or internet). Most cars run most efficiently at 56 mph. So you could save more fuel / money as well as time. I think you are being a little bit U when considering the bigger picture and other road users, though I understand the motivation. I tend to stick to 60 for the same reason as you, but at the same time not making trucks change lanes.

colette Thu 17-Nov-11 22:14:22


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