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AIBU to be wearing my nose stud again at 31 after 2 years of not wearing it?

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MistyMountainHop Sat 12-Nov-11 16:27:21

when i was younger i used to be quite "alternative" (cringeworthy word i know hmm , but can't think of another one! ) was into rock music, well still am, but don't look like i am iyswim, i had tattoo's (well still got them but they are usually covered with clothes these days) several piercings and was in bands etc

i took most of my piercings out a few years ago apart from nose stud, but then i took it out a couple of years ago when i went for a job interview, however i found it today sorting out my stuff, its a small, tasteful diamond stud and thought i would try and see it would still go in, and it did, and i don't want to take it out!!

but am wondering if 31 nearly 32 is too old to be wearing one? i guess i just sometimes miss the "old me" and by wearing my nose stud again i am kind of, reclaiming some of the old me back?

worraliberty Sat 12-Nov-11 16:29:07

Of course it's ok, tons of people of all ages wear them.

Sharney Sat 12-Nov-11 16:31:24

I have a good friend who got one a few months ago. She's 39. Who cares what other people think. If you want to then go for it. grin

supadupapupascupa Sat 12-Nov-11 16:31:30

i'm impressed. took mine out at 33 for my wedding, and forgot to put it back in. Hole closed up and that was that. I am missing my nose ring and would certainly wear it if I could. Mine was the tiniest diamond (fake) and in my opinion looked and still would look lovely.

MistyMountainHop Sat 12-Nov-11 17:16:49

hooray, glad people haven't swarmed on the thread to say no dont do it! grin

its a bit sore though <ouch>

really supadupa straight away? how long had you had it done for? i was only 13 when i had mine done so it had been in for a very long time!

Grumpla Sat 12-Nov-11 17:19:34

I can't imagine taking mine out. I have a couple of other piercings too. I'm about your age and don't think it's inappropriate or weird.

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 12-Nov-11 17:25:31

I am somewhat older than you and still wear my small nose stud. I would feel undressed without it, although I have taken it out when in jobs that required it. I used to wear a ring years ago, and I put it back in for fancy dress purposes a couple of years ago, but it just didn't feel right (felt too old) so took it out and went back to stud.

If it feels right stick with it.

shesparkles Sat 12-Nov-11 17:27:15

YANBU at all!
I was 36 when I had my nipple pierced! (reclaiming after BF 2 dc-well that's my story and I'm sticking to it)

Crevix Sat 12-Nov-11 17:28:03

i'm 37 and had a break of about 3 years a wjile back. it's been back in for about 3 yers. it is my small bit o frebellion.

quirrelquarrel Sat 12-Nov-11 17:29:04

Nose studs look cool on anyone! grin

queenrollo Sat 12-Nov-11 17:29:58


i'm 36. i used to have my nose pierced but it went when i was working in retail. I haven't had one in for about 10 years.

I got it re-pierced on Weds. then came home and dyed my fringe bright blue grin

GracieW Sat 12-Nov-11 17:36:10

I am envious, I always wanted one!

Ponyclubmum Sat 12-Nov-11 17:40:49

I'm 30 and I still wear mine. It's a tiny stud and I love it. I'd like to wear a ring again, but I want a really small one and haven't found one small enough yet.

YANBU, go for it!

theoldtrout01876 Sat 12-Nov-11 17:58:36

Hey im 46 and wear a ring in my nosegrin I have no intention of ever taking it out either,I like it.

Hannah31 Sat 12-Nov-11 18:02:08

Mine closed up ages ago and I don't think I could wear it at work. But I loved it. Deeply. And I think it looks cool however old you are. Not that 31 is old AT ALL IT'S ACTUALLY VERY YOUNG AND TRENDY AND EXCELLENT.

Shutupanddrive Sat 12-Nov-11 18:11:03

YANBU at all. Plenty of people of all ages have their noses pierced

supadupapupascupa Sat 12-Nov-11 18:50:52

haha! Yes that quick OP. Although it is only closed on the inside, I can get it halfway through. I had the other side done once and it lways healed up quickly and got badly infected. I don't have the nerve to shove it all the way through to repierce sad

LesserOfTwoWeevils Sat 12-Nov-11 19:18:30

YANBU. I'm 51, have had mine for 20 years and continued to wear it while I worked in a bank. Two other staff members reported it to HR within the first week I was there...and then one of them had her nose pierced too.

EricNorthmansMistress Sat 12-Nov-11 19:28:22

Don't be daft. Some piercings are a bit shit when you get older but a nose piercing is ageless.

LCarbury Sat 12-Nov-11 19:29:22


SugarPasteZombie Sat 12-Nov-11 19:30:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SugarPasteZombie Sat 12-Nov-11 19:31:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MistressFrankly Sat 12-Nov-11 19:42:54

YANBU i am 33 (When did that happen??) and have nose and other piercings, hair like a My Little Pony and a growing tattoo collection. If it what you like then go for it. Age shouldnt come into it. Growing old gracefully sounds a little tedious to me grin

Goldrill Sat 12-Nov-11 19:52:24

Ooh - not sure about this! I'm 36 and have had mine back in for 3 years now after 10 years with a bloke who didn't like it so I left it out [muppet].

I feel much more "me" with it in, but I have noticed a couple of people my age on telly with them in recently and though - I sincerely hope I don't look like that! I had it done at 16 and maybe it shows me how much I've aged!

Mine made my eyes water a bit putting it back and I used a straight one not a curly back to get it through, but it was fine within a few days.

MorallyBankrupt Sat 12-Nov-11 19:56:01

SIL has her nose pierced and it looks great. I say go for it!

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