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To suggest that M&S should train their staff to measure bra sizes correctly?

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quietlyafraid Fri 11-Nov-11 19:10:42

It would seem that rather a lot of women on here think M&S are rubbish at measuring bra size and that they are responsible for making many women walk around wearing the wrong size bra. Especially since they do not seem capable of stocking a full range of sizes, like other department stores. M&S always had the reputation of being the place to go for underwear, and its SCANDALOUS that they are not not leading the way in proper boobs loving support. If I search my size on their website, I am even directed to bras in the wrong size!

Being told to shove your cleveage into the wrong size has created a situation where women think they are a bigger back size than they actually are. They are responsible for making the lives of women a living hell and suffering in constant strap sliding, wire poking, saggy tits, four boob syndrome, falling out at inappropriate times or other such hardships.

I blame M&S and their terrible measuring. AIBU?! Have you been a victim of the M&S "just shove your bras into the wrong size it'll do" mafia? Have you got measured there only to find out you are a completely different size elsewhere?

Worse still an underclass of unrepresented women are being persecuted for daring to be little. The high street does not seem to recognise that 30 backs are a real size and thinks there is no demand for them. This is despite the fact that a size 8 loosely equates to a 30 inch rib cage. Most places start clothes at size 8, so why do most bras, only start at size 32? And just cos we are small back size does not mean we are all flat chested. We are real people too!

We are fed up of having to hide away and use mail order rather than shop on the high street which stocks next to nothing or is totally sold out anyway. We are fed up of being asked whether a 30 back is even a real size and we are fed up of having a choice of deeply unsexy black or white only by other stores.

And AIBU to ask you all people who got measured at M&S to go and get yourself remeasured at House of Fraser or Debenhams (Especially if you are size 8 or below to see if you are one of us and to join the 30 Back club, to increase demand so we can be better represented on the high street) and force M&S to change their policy on boob shoving and fudging?

First AIBU thread of my own. Hope it is silly and hysterical enough to do MN proud. Seriously though, is M&S bra dept rather shit or not?

gordyslovesheep Fri 11-Nov-11 19:13:20

Not in my experience - I have found them very good - bare in mind that Bra STYLE can alter your sizing - it's not actually a one size fits all - I am a 32D OR a 34C depending on the bra

and actually many bras start at a 34 - try getting a decent sports Bra in a 32c!

ZillionChocolate Fri 11-Nov-11 19:19:53

I'd say it was also shit if you're a big cup size. I'd never bother being measured by them again. Far better to learn whether a bra fits or not.

YANBU in the strength of your rant. A bad bra can ruin a good outfit.

wonkylegs Fri 11-Nov-11 19:20:52

I am a either a 30 or 32E dependent on the make and style of bra but not according to the last lady who measured me in M&s who declared I had "weird shaped boobs" hmm and told me confidently that I was a 32c - the fact that my boobs were falling out the top did nothing to deter her and so I didn't buy it. I have bought several nice bras from them but without their assistance. I was measured by a wonderful lady in an independent shop who showed me exactly what was right and wrong when picking bras and I've followed her advice ever since.

jandymaccomesback Fri 11-Nov-11 19:21:51

Only time I ever had myself measured at M&S was after I had lost a lot of weight following a major operation. She measured the back size and then when she got onto the cup size she said "I'm not getting a reading here" as in "You're so flat chested I don't think you need a bra". Never bothered again.

mrsravelstein Fri 11-Nov-11 19:22:09

i haven't bought a bra from m&s in years on the basis that any style i ever tried on there gave me oddly pointed conical tits a la madonna in JP gaultier outfits

laluna Fri 11-Nov-11 19:34:19

Yanbu. They don't even do bras in my size - wait for it - a 32hh. I go to Bravissimo or Rigby and Peller.

TheFrogs Fri 11-Nov-11 19:34:50

I've never had a bad experience with them, in fact, I only buy bras from M & S now. They have a huge range of "big nork" bras from £16 upwards (I used to pay around £30), the bras last for ages and they're comfy...I hate hate hate it when after three weeks they're almost piercing the skin under the armpit area.

I think bras are pretty good now really, years ago it was almost impossible to get 32/34 in anything bigger than a C cup (actually, very difficult to get a 32 back in any cup size) and if you did the bras were old fashioned and pretty awful.

HazleNutt Fri 11-Nov-11 19:35:07

well, it has been suggested. there was a thread in style about it and one poster actually emailed all complaints to them and suggested they do something about it. The number of women with 30E who had been shoved into 36B or similar was shocking.

Unfortunately the reply was the standard "we value your opinion dear customer and shred your letter carefully. now please go away"

HazleNutt Fri 11-Nov-11 19:38:03

oh and YANBU of course, but good luck.

HappyCamel Fri 11-Nov-11 19:39:01

YANBU, they messed up my measurements so badly after DD I got mastitis from a too tight bra. She wouldn't touch me, just guessed from looking. Maybe she thought breast feeding was contagious. Given that I'd dragged myself there 5 days post birth I could have done without being treated like a leper. Never been back.

whackamole Fri 11-Nov-11 19:44:12

YANBU. I have been measured once in M&S, I think I was only a week or so post birth as well. I explained that I KNEW my bra was too small, but I was breastfeeding, my milk had come in etc etc.

She basically told me 'no wonder this isn't comfy, it's far too small' (errr, yes I know that!) and told me they didn't have anything in 'the size I wanted'. Which was 34GG I think. She wanted to put me in a 38DD after measuring me, and couldn't understand why I didn't find a bra that barely touched me round the sides very comfortable!

UserNameNotAvailable Fri 11-Nov-11 19:44:34

Yanbu. I tried them years ago and was measured wrong. Trying to get a decent bra in a larger size has its problems too not only am I limited as to where I can get them but they are bloody expensive! £30 each is what I usually end up paying but next month I'm having a breast reduction next month and I can't wait to go bra shopping (after I've been measured (properly) by my local independent store, who are fab)

carabos Fri 11-Nov-11 19:56:53

I am a 32C. Always have been, always will be. Except in M&S where I'm a 34B (allegedly) - but neither the 32C nor the 34B fits confused.

aswellasyou Fri 11-Nov-11 19:57:17

They're a nightmare! I've never been measured there myself, but last weekend while out with a group of friends, one friend asked me what size bra I was (we were joking about breatsfeeding and having gigantic boobs). I said I was a 30J and they were all aghast! grin Then another friend said she was a 32 back even though she's about a size 6 and I'm a curvy 12-14. I then proceeded to lecture them all about keeping out of M&S and how to properly measure themselves.

There really should be 26" and 28" back bras readily available on the high street. 30" really isn't that small, but is definitely hard to get hold of.

BigKahuna Fri 11-Nov-11 19:58:59

M&S measured me a 36D, John Lewis a 36C and finally, I was measured a 32E at Rigby & Peller. This was all in the same week. R&P got it right, because I have never had such a comfortable, supportive, lovely and very well fitted bra.

So, YES - M&S and John Lewis measuring services are shit.

aswellasyou Fri 11-Nov-11 20:01:26

I've been measured by eye in both John Lewis and Debenhams and they were both spot on with their measurements. I'm sure it just depends on who you ask though.

mummymccar Fri 11-Nov-11 20:02:11

YANBU. I had to buy a bra a few years ago and went to M&S where I was measured as a 38D or similar. Didn't see any styles I liked so I went to Debenhams & Bravissimo who both measured me at a 34F. Obviously went with the later.
Went in to buy a bra the other day and when I was trying on (without being measured) I overheard a woman being told 3 completely different sizes!

DilysPrice Fri 11-Nov-11 20:26:17

YANBU, M&S sold me the most uncomfortable bra ever when I was young and trusting - a 34AA which I wore bravely and intermittently for a month before binning it. Am a 32B it turns out.

LeQueen Fri 11-Nov-11 20:59:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Acekicker Sat 12-Nov-11 08:59:58

M&S had me in a 40B or 38C, Bravissimo put me in a 34F - the difference was incredible... 4 years earlier M&S put me in breastfeeding bras which I'm pretty damn sure contributed to me getting mastitis...

Do not get me started on Bravissimo clothes though, I am rapidly losing all my love for them sad

Daveschooks Sat 12-Nov-11 09:06:42

Another bravissimo convert here, from an m n s 36d to bravissimo 34f, so much more confident now I've found my waistline again!

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Sat 12-Nov-11 09:20:04

Oh god this just reminded me of a friend I used to have. We both went to get measured and she was sure she was a 38B, the lady measuring said that she was a 34D (or something like that) and brought a bra for her to try on. It fitted really well and made her boobs look great! Usually her boobs were sagging and the bra riding up at the back really badly! . . . My friend though insisted that the size couldn't possibly be right as she was convinced that having a 38 ribcage meant she had bigger boobs, she didn't understand that the letter part is the actual boob size and refused to accept a size which she didn't think sounded inpressive even though it fitted really well. ISSUES!

lollilou Sat 12-Nov-11 09:22:47

I went to M&S to be measured the lady who measured me was so offhand and rude. She said I was a 30aa (I know I'm small but I'm not 12!) She offered no help choosing a bra and acted as if I was wasting her time I felt near to tears because of her attitude. I got dressed went out found a bra in that size myself and it was too small.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Sat 12-Nov-11 09:23:25

That was M&S BTW.

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