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to find pistonheads view of mumsnet funny!

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Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 15:34:09

So it seems that the guys over on pistonheads are laughing at mumsnetters:

Feel free to see what they are saying here:

lockets Wed 26-Oct-11 15:37:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worraliberty Wed 26-Oct-11 15:38:39

Lol I've never heard of Pistonheads but they seem to have as much to say about Mumsnet as Mumsnet has to say about Netmums...though no doubt some people will still be bothered by this thread grin

I couldn't give a shiny shite to be honest, but judging buy the furore that hilarious Irish comedian caused, this thread won't go down well.

ScaredBear Wed 26-Oct-11 15:40:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 15:41:42

Mumsnet has 2 rivals now! :D

SinicalSal Wed 26-Oct-11 15:45:12

does netmums hate us? who started it?

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 15:47:18

i didnt know netmums hated mumsnet

i only was looking on pistonheads just to have a bit of a laugh as some of the guys on there talk a right load of b***ocks, and makes me chuckle.

also good for car advise too.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 15:49:43

I like Pistonheads. Often if I'm googling for something a thread on their website comes up and there is often some informative stuff on there. Off to see what they're saying about us now!

SixStringWidow Wed 26-Oct-11 15:50:13


they have a great vomit emoticon!

They say a mooncup is just a soggy tampon grin

Forum Rivalry, that's a first (for me anyway)

Does this really go on? They kept referring to invasions I'd laugh my arse off at anyone from any site who invaded another.

YaMaYaMa Wed 26-Oct-11 15:51:14

I am calling out anyone on pistonheads.Outside. NOW.

(fight fight fight)

I have never heard of pistonheads and havent clicked on link. I just want a ruck.

TheVermiciousKnid Wed 26-Oct-11 15:52:05

They do seem rather scared of Mumsnet. grin

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 15:54:14

looks like i have ruined their fun! whoops smile

MissVerydead Wed 26-Oct-11 15:56:43

Oh, I dare someone to post-

"Dear Heads,

My Range Rover is making a terribly awful rattling sound and I can't for the life of me find out what it is?

Would love some help darlings, as all of Tarquins' friends are giving me a funny look when pulling out of the prep school car park after choir practice.



AddamsflimFlamily Wed 26-Oct-11 15:59:19

MN is about being human, Pistonheads is about... cars.
nuff said.

crazynannawitchbitch Wed 26-Oct-11 16:01:36

Why does their forum name make me keep saying "piss on their heads"? [confused}

DooinMeCleanin Wed 26-Oct-11 16:02:02


'Because their spelling and grammar is awful.' <- This is why they don't like MN. 'The one that PH likes is netmums' <- This is who they do like grin

He is confused, surely?

I would've thought they'd have learnt from the last time they messed with MN to be honest.

Fiercelydoesit Wed 26-Oct-11 16:02:47

Piston heads rofl. What do you think their equivalent Aibu should be titled?

VivaLeBeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 16:03:01

I'm concerned they seem to think that Netmums is edgier.

To be fair they do have a point about some of the mentalist threads on here. I don't think they realise is that often we're the first to tell other posters if they are totally bonkers.

Fiercelydoesit Wed 26-Oct-11 16:05:42

AIBU to immediately conjure up Alan Partridge when I think of Pistonheads?

AVoidkaTheKillerZombies Wed 26-Oct-11 16:05:50

Spelling and grammar is awful??

They must be confused surely.

crazynannawitchbitch Wed 26-Oct-11 16:08:44

YY the 'spelling and grammar' comment confused me,too,as I have been flamed loads of times for my bad grammar hmm

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 16:11:22

Someone on there is claiming to be me! Find that quite funny.

He wont find it very funny if he realises that my posts are about pregnancy and stuff

VivaLeBeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 16:12:16

Ah bugger, they're not accepting posts from new members today due to persistant abuse earlier. Spoilsports.

Problem for them is - there is a lot more of us than there are of them. So if they want to start a trolling war I think we'd win hands down. A point I guess their mods have realised hence banning the new posters. Never mind, I can save my registration for next time.

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Oct-11 16:14:42

I am quite upset that they are laughing at me sad

Fiercelydoesit Wed 26-Oct-11 16:15:35

No new posters allowed today? What a bunch of girls . . .

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