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to ask my parents to bring DD home?

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LeoTheLateBloomer Wed 26-Oct-11 08:11:26

I'm taking her to theirs (an hour away) today, we'll both stay the night and then I'm leaving her with them so I can have a day and night to myself.

When we were discussing arrangements my dad said either they could bring her back to me or I could go and pick her up. My instinct was to say I'd like them to bring her back. That way I feel like I'm getting more of a break by avoiding 2 hours of driving and it would give me more time to get things done in peace at home.

They haven't questioned this at all but I'm feeling guilty for asking.

Please set my mind at rest!

Groovee Wed 26-Oct-11 08:16:18

Nothing wrong with them returning her as long as they are happy and if they haven't questioned or said no, then it's fine!

Moblem Wed 26-Oct-11 08:17:58

They offered, it's fine smile

seeker Wed 26-Oct-11 08:25:06

Of course it's fine. Would it make you feel better if you made something nice for them to eat when they get to you?

<seeker realises- honestly- that cake is not the answer to everything.........>

exoticfruits Wed 26-Oct-11 08:32:47

I can't see a problem-assuming you are going to ask them in, not just keep them on the doorstep and say 'thanks-goodbye'!

FredFredGeorge Wed 26-Oct-11 08:36:32

Of course YANBU, unless you demand that they do it as a condition of spending any time with their GD.

TheMonster Wed 26-Oct-11 08:38:24

They offered so it's no problem.

LeoTheLateBloomer Wed 26-Oct-11 08:46:01

Thank you! I'm terrible for feeling guilty blush

I've got soup in the freezer and banana loaf in the cake tin so I can make it worth their while wink

exoticfruits Wed 26-Oct-11 08:47:42

No problem

Scholes34 Wed 26-Oct-11 09:51:55

Seeker you are wrong - cake IS the answer to everything.

slavetofilofax Wed 26-Oct-11 10:23:36

It's fine. My Mum does things like this for me and I feel guilty too, but I figure I will make it up to her when she's old and needs help from me instead.

exoticfruits Wed 26-Oct-11 12:04:34

It depends on what sort of cake.grin

Scholes34 Wed 26-Oct-11 12:12:52

Exotic, you're right. It has to be worth the calories. I've just made an excellent Coffee and Ricotta Cake which is beautifully light, because of the balance between the cheese and the butter, topped with a coffee icing. I accept that some people don't like coffee cake, so am more than happy to eat their share for them.

exoticfruits Wed 26-Oct-11 12:16:51

Chocolate cake for me. (with cream!)

CocoPopsAddict Wed 26-Oct-11 12:18:25

They are your parents.

They probably see that you need a break, and feel glad they can help you out.

Don't feel guilty!!

cat64 Wed 26-Oct-11 12:49:58

Message withdrawn

Ghoulwithadragontattoo Wed 26-Oct-11 12:51:40

You could offer to meet them somewhere in the middle and then neither of you is doing such a long drive. If they offered it fine to accept their offer though.

SolidGoldVampireBat Wed 26-Oct-11 12:51:41

They've offered, they love their GD and enjoy seeing her and you have done the driving to take her there. So it's all good.

Bossybritches22 Wed 26-Oct-11 12:55:38

Look at it this way it gives the DD & the DGP's another 2 hours together!

Take advantage, they'll all enjoy it.

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