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to think MN has nightly themes?

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rhondajean Tue 25-Oct-11 22:51:28

In AIBU at least.

Its as if someone posts about one thing, then it triggers a thought in others that makes them post a new thread about something similar but not the same.

EG tonight, several supermarket threads busy. Other nights, tis parking; IL; SW; etc etc.

Not that its the only topic - just that there are several linked/similar threads that are busy on different nights?

Also AIBU to think I need to spend less time thinking about this...

TheVampireEmpusa Tue 25-Oct-11 22:53:44

I've noticed that as well, makes sense that people see a topic and think, "oh that reminds me".

Gets a bit tedious sometimes though

rhondajean Tue 25-Oct-11 22:56:34

Thanks, glad I am not totally losing the plot. Ive been doing some training in research methods/coding and theming and thought I was taking it too far!

worraliberty Tue 25-Oct-11 22:57:55

Yes I've notice that too

worraliberty Tue 25-Oct-11 22:58:11

<chucks up missing 'd'>

DeadFromTheNeckUp Tue 25-Oct-11 23:00:10

What are tonight's themes OP?

AgentZigzag Tue 25-Oct-11 23:05:00

Maybe the topics that come up are subject to sinister Smirnoff Illuminati control?

It's common knowledge that more than 117% of AIBU threads are started by MNHQ, there's your conclusive proof that MNHQ are in their pockets.

Agenda setting, see?

Subliminal messages to buy Pom Bears and encourage outright judging wink

tallwivghoulies Tue 25-Oct-11 23:08:04

Veeery in-te-rresting rrrhonda <strokes white cat>

Might you be considering doing your report/assignment/thesis on this subject?

How does the full moon affect topics?

I'm sure MN 's Marketing Team would be fascinated wink

tallwivghoulies Tue 25-Oct-11 23:12:14

Agent, I do buy more pombears now shock

AgentZigzag Tue 25-Oct-11 23:15:01

I do as well shock

And didn't before That Thread shock shock

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