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cliremum2jack Tue 25-Oct-11 20:04:44

Hiya i'm new on here been havin a read for a while and love the honesty of you people!!

I have 2 DS's 4yrs and 6mths had a bad experience with PND have been medicated and attand a wonderful support group in my local area and am learning to control my depression alot better although things keep cropping up whch is life i suppose.
My youngest DS has been recently in hosp with a UTI leaving him with kidney damage and lots and lots of medical appointments to attend and us to juggle a toddler and school and everyday life around this which we do without question although it's hard.

This week my grandad who has been ill for while is in hospital we have been told their is nothing can be done and is just a matter of time before he passes away, i am really struggling to deal with ths i just don't feel like their is anymore of me to go round so i have asked that i am made aware when he passes away as don't feel i can go to the hospital i am just not strong enough for the emotions of it all AIBU? Should i just put my feelings aside and deal with it head on? My DH has had alot of loss in his life and he is currently at the hosp with my family making me feel so guilty and selfish for not being there but i just don't want to watch some one die? Is this selfish?

Sorry for long post look forward to your replies X

OnlyWantsOne Tue 25-Oct-11 20:06:11

I'm really sorry you're having to face all of this - but I dont think AIBU is the place to get the support you need.

usualsuspect Tue 25-Oct-11 20:07:36

You might be better posting this in a more sensitive area of MN

cliremum2jack Tue 25-Oct-11 20:08:24

Sorry will try some where else thanks anyway XX

OnlyWantsOne Tue 25-Oct-11 20:09:01

Ask on chat thread x smile

Sirzy Tue 25-Oct-11 20:09:33

You have to do what feels right for you, but also what you think will be right in the long term. Unfortunately it looks like this may be your last chance to see him so you have to make sure not seeing him sits 'ok' with you and you won't feel guilty for not going (if that makes sense)

Really though its not us you need to be talking about but your family, you are all going through this together so it may be beneficial if you all support each other in whatever way you each need.

helpmabob Tue 25-Oct-11 20:10:17

Just to say I understand how you are feeling. But you may regret not going to hospital at least once. I would mabe try to go but I send lots of hugs and sympathy

cliremum2jack Tue 25-Oct-11 20:14:37

Thankyou i have posted in chat, unfortunatly i can't confide in my family as they are not aware of my PND and don't feel i can speak to them about it X

RedHelenB Tue 25-Oct-11 20:16:03

I think you will feel bad if you don't go - sorry, |I know it's not ewhat you want to hear but you can't put the clock back once he's gone.

Henrythehappyhelicopter Tue 25-Oct-11 21:10:03

I think you should face it head on and visit your Grandad, what ever emotion you feel will not kill you.

I know it is hard and you want to run away but you will regret it when it is too late.

I am sorry you are finding life so hard at the moment, hopefully things will improve soon.

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