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To give up on naps in the cot?

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Moulesfrites Tue 25-Oct-11 14:49:15

My ds is 9 mo. he has 2 naps a day, was having the first one in his cot and the pm one in his pushchair while I walked to shops etc, but now the morning cot nap is becoming a disaster as he can sit up and pull himself up, and no matter how tired heis he will not lie down and go to sleep. But him his pushchair (where he is strapped in!) he falls asleep no problem! Aibu to have to basically restrain him so he sleeps? Am I going to cause problems if I abandon cot naps?

His night time sleep is also a nightmare btw, he goes down no prob after a bf (try to put him down awake but doesn't always happen) but then when he wakes later on he cannot always be settled, the pulling up starts again, and I cave and bring him in with me!

BsshBossh Tue 25-Oct-11 14:52:30

I doubt it will make a difference. My DD (now 3) also napped better in a moving pram which was terrific for me as I loved walking. In a year or two when your DS gives up napping altogether this all will be so insignificant grin. The night time sleep is the most important in the long run.

worraliberty Tue 25-Oct-11 14:53:11

I read the title and thought 'yes, you're probably too big to nap in a cot OP' grin

I don't think I ever did cot naps now I come to think of it, I'm almost sure they slept in their buggies.

The only annoying thing was in the Winter, I'd have to take their coats and hats off so they weren't too warm when we got in from the shops....and that used to wake them up again! hmm

MalkieFraser Tue 25-Oct-11 14:55:48

My first never napped in her cot (she never slept in it either, it was for keeping toys and books in!) Always in the pram or in the sling, then bf to sleep at night. Co-slept til she was 2.5 then own bed in her own room no probs. Number two sleeps anywhere, if I put her down for two minutes she falls asleep. No cot though. Pram, sling, swing, carseat, floor, bed or in arms. She naps about 2-3 times a day and sleeps 7-10 hours straight at night (4mo)
Do what works for you, there's no right or wrong. You'll be less stressed if you stop worrying about 'problems' arising from not napping in his cot.

StaceymAloneForver Tue 25-Oct-11 15:03:39

as long as he's sleeping dont worry smile

my ds never slept anywhere till he was about 18mo (reflux and colic) so if he was asleep i didnt dare move him (in winter i would sit in the font garden with him in snowsuit in buggy rather than risk waking him to remove snowsuit indoors)

bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Tue 25-Oct-11 15:04:27

He might just not be ready for a nap if you are putting him down at the same time you always have. Could you push it back by half an hour. Babies do tend to stay awake longer as they get older.

My ds had certainly given up his first nap by the time he was 12 months; by that stage he was having a two hour nap in his cot from about midday to 2pm, but the start time of that had to be pushed back as he got older.

He gave up naps altogether when he reached 24 months.

YouHaveToCallMeNighthawk Tue 25-Oct-11 15:26:04

Similar problem here. My nine month old'll sleep all night in his cot but during the day he will only nap during a breast feed or his pushchair whilst it's being pushed at speed.

The real problem is I'm back at work now part time and have pretty much stopped breastfeeding. Only I can't get him to nap without it! So I let him have a suck because he's grabbing at my top and howling but I'm pretty sure there's next to no milk in there. I don't know what else to do! If I dump him in his cot, he just stands up and shouts for me. He'll sleep for other people but not for me.

Ghoulwithadragontattoo Tue 25-Oct-11 15:28:54

There's no problem with him sleeping in pushchair of course but at 9 months old he might actually only need one nap to be honest.

Lizcat Tue 25-Oct-11 15:39:14

Again another one whose DD gave up her morning nap at about 9 months and naps altogether at 24 months. Now as a nearly 8 year she seems to need relatively little sleep unlike her parents!

halcyondays Tue 25-Oct-11 15:41:31

Both of mine hated naps in their cot, so they just used to fall asleep in the buggy, either when we were out anyway, or a quick walk when they were likely to go to sleep in the early afternoon. Annoyingly, they both stopped napping as soon as they turned two, I miss naps!

BsshBossh Tue 25-Oct-11 15:44:37

Oh yes, I forgot, my DD gave up her morning nap around 10 months and by 12 months had given up her afternoon nap too so that she generally napped only between 12 and 2. By 24 months she'd given all naps up.

Perhaps your DS's nap schedule is changing....

NaughtyBusterAndTheBumFactory Tue 25-Oct-11 15:58:20

My Ds is 10 months. He sleeps 11ish hours at night in his cot but tends to not like naps in there. He still has 2 x 1 and a half naps during the day but they tend to be on me or in his pushchair if we are out. If I need to do something around the house I will put him in his cot but he tends to wake really quickly.

If he's sleeping for you I'd try not to worry where it is.

CoffeeDog Tue 25-Oct-11 16:05:49

My twins decided napping was out from just after 1... they climbed out of cots and genrally wandered about the room untill somone came to get them - we tried big boy beds - very cute piccys of them sharing (they ALWAYS shared at nap time one would go and climb in with the other) but gave naps up completley at 14mths.

Maybee naptimes are changing for you to?

mumofthreekids Tue 25-Oct-11 16:32:21

Personally I would try to persevere with naps in his cot for a bit longer if you can, as I do believe they sleep better in a cot than in a buggy. I agree with other posters that you could try juggling with nap times or moving to 1 nap. Both my DSs would stand up in their cots shaking the bars at this age, have you tried sitting or lying down next to the cot (preferably with a good book) until he lies down and goes to sleep?

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