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to be desperate for a baby girl? and broody?

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Rollon2012 Tue 25-Oct-11 00:06:45

I have one ds and an hoping to have more in ther future, I always wanted a mixture but vowed never to be one of 'those' parents who prefers a certain sex but here I am sad

I'm sooo broody and every time I see pink girlie things or little baby girls I just want to cry :/ I need an e-slap to snap me out of it.

worraliberty Tue 25-Oct-11 00:09:00

Oh if I only had a pound for every disappointed parent of a little girl who refused to wear pink/pretty dresses/hair adornments grin

YABU really, we get what we're given in life.

Cathycomehome Tue 25-Oct-11 00:09:27

Well, I'm just desperate for a second child, don't care which "flavour", so from MY point of view, you ABU, but then I would be being unreasonable from my friend's point of view, as she has been trying for first as long as I have been trying for 2nd, and she is ten years older than me (and I am 34).

So yeah, I think YABU, but I know what you mean.

Rollon2012 Tue 25-Oct-11 00:11:29

I dont care if she doesnt wear pink, its just what it represents , plus newborns are at the mercy of my fashion sense muahahahaha

Cathycomehome Tue 25-Oct-11 00:15:40

My son's eleven, I'm 34, and I REALLY want a baby - not happening, though, and it's all a bit miserable. So I'm over preferring a sex, just would like a baby really, but do appreciate I'm lucky to have the one child.

It's one of those things though, you can't help how you feel.

AgentZigzag Tue 25-Oct-11 00:16:36

YABU to be desperate for a girl rather than a baby, but I can kind of understand where you're coming from and knew I was being unreasonable too.

Cathycomehome Tue 25-Oct-11 00:17:53

Now we are being referred for infertility, I rather regret the 11 years of religiously observed contraception....

Rollon2012 Tue 25-Oct-11 00:20:46

that must be tough CCH hope it goes well for you.
, however however having become a mum so young I get the 'if only i'd had more life double sided coin.

Cathycomehome Tue 25-Oct-11 00:30:24

Well I was only 22 when preg with my son, so i wasn't exactly OLD!

Cathycomehome Tue 25-Oct-11 00:31:44

I, not i!

coldwed Tue 25-Oct-11 01:04:32

Cathycomehome, me too! 34 and 11 year old son. Have been very broody of late and would absolutely be thrilled with a girl. I see nothing wrong with having a preference, so you are NBU OP.

scottishmummy Tue 25-Oct-11 01:24:27

A female baby won't meet your need its you guessing and fantasising what you and a wee girl will be in reality fair enough to be brooch but the ohhh ahhhh want a girl is nonsense,your kidding yourself on with faux a girl would be this and that we'd be so widdle happy...

sunshinestate Tue 25-Oct-11 04:28:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunshinestate Tue 25-Oct-11 04:29:59

"I dont care if she doesnt wear pink, its just what it represents"

But seriously, what does it represent?

duckdodgers Tue 25-Oct-11 09:22:14

Yes Im interested to in what having a girl "represents" hmm

That you are more of a Mum than a Mum of boys?? (and oh yes as a Mum of 3 boys have I had plenty of that type of crap from people!)

3Of1And1OfTheOther Tue 25-Oct-11 09:32:18

well that baby girl will still grow up to be a teenager-i have 3 and they are total nightmares!!! (love them really..!)

Familydilemma Tue 25-Oct-11 09:35:57

Yanbu. You can't help how you feel and many people just don't understand. Fwiw, I think choosing carefully which RL people you express this to is a good idea. I felt this way even after struggling to conceive, but I didn't share it other than with dh. A friend of mine has made no secret of how disappointed she is that number three is a boy. I'm not sure how that will be with him. But perhaps feelings better out than in?

Aislingorla Tue 25-Oct-11 09:36:06

Boys or girls, so what? They are all children, with the same needs, to be loved and cared for and allowed to be themselves regardless of gender.

Mishy1234 Tue 25-Oct-11 09:39:50

I don't think YABU. It's human nature to have preferences and a lot of women really crave having a daughter.

I felt the same about having boys. I always wanted boys, even when I was facing having no children at all after 8 years of trying, IVF etc, I still had a preference. Of course when it came down to it I would have been ecstatic with either and I'm sure you will be too when the time comes.

NinkyNonker Tue 25-Oct-11 09:40:29

Yabu. I do understand though, I wanted this one to be a boy for the mixture but equally a girl cause I know the form! But right now I'm just praying it's healthy, so that's all in perspective now.

MrBloomsNursery Tue 25-Oct-11 09:43:10

I've never been broody for a particular sex, but I would like to tell you, that my DD doesn't let me tie her hair up or put clips in it...everytime I brush her hair she messes it up again, and all her "pretty pink" dresses or tights have skid marks on the knee where she's been running and then jumping on the floor on her knees and skidding across various shopping malls. She is our first baby, so she's not influenced by anyone. Girls ≠ pinky girls things!!

MrBloomsNursery Tue 25-Oct-11 09:44:07

That &#8800 is supposed to be an equal sign with a strike through it...

rainbow2000 Tue 25-Oct-11 09:48:44

duckdodgers ive 5 boys and i really didnt want any girls,i dont know why people dont believe this.If one had been a girl i would have loved it as well but i love my 5 little men.(1 not so little hes 6ft haha)

mrskbpw Tue 25-Oct-11 09:52:36

I'm not a girly girl but I have two boys and I would really like a girl. So I don't think you're being unreasonable. You can't help how you feel.

I adore my boys. They are gorgeous things and I'm massively proud of them. I wouldn't change them for the world and having watched friends struggle with infertility and miscarriage and stillbirth etc, I know how lucky we are to have them. Doesn't stop me wanting a girl - as well as, not instead of my boys.

I don't really like pink and Barbie and all that stuff. For me, it's things like not being able to share my favourite children's books with my sons (and yes, I know I can read them Ballet Shoes if I want, but believe me, they won't listen. It's Horrid Henry all the way in our house) and the biggest thing of all is that I'll always be a mother-in-law. I know that shouldn't matter, but it does. I have a brilliant relationship with my mum and though she also gets on really well with my brother, their relationship is very different.

So, I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. As long as you know you get what you're given and don't let it affect how you feel about any future children you may have.

Mishy1234 Tue 25-Oct-11 09:52:38

5 boys rainbow2000, how lovely! My best friend was from a family of 5 boys and I LOVED going over there. I have 2 boys and they are just the best.

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