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to want a bit of romance?

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flummooxedy Mon 24-Oct-11 18:42:54

It was great when we were younger and she didn't do cutsey/lovey dovey stuff or Romance. No Valentines day, no presents, no hint of romance. My friends were all really envious of me.

But now we are married, have DD1 and DC2 on the way.

And actually I want tobe able to be able to romance her a bit.

Valentines day is a no go area in our house (not even a card).
She will jokeingly tell me to get her a treat but she means a wispa bar.
Flowers are bought for 'the house' never for her.
She doesn't really say 'I love you' to me (apart from on phone or occasionally as 'Fuck I love you flummooxedy'

It is just that I have got the point when I want to be able to spoil her a little and have a bit of romance (which we have never had basically)


Rydwinhofficoffi Mon 24-Oct-11 19:19:31

I don't think YABU but equally this is what she is like, what she has always been like so she INBU either.
Sorry not much help

colken Mon 24-Oct-11 19:25:44

Try something subtle like - not flowers, chocolates or that sort of thing - a cosy meal out without the children. Just as a private few moments together. Then you can tell her face to face that you love her with no one else around. Other diners will not be paying attention. She might have suggested a Wispa bar but you said that was jokingly. She really wanted something more.

My mother would only hint at what she wanted (from anyone) and you had to be an interpreter to know what she really wanted.

Just try it ans see what happens.

flummooxedy Mon 24-Oct-11 19:30:02

colken okay thanks. ohh and though she says it jockingly she means it (I have to ration her intake of them, She is verging on obsessed with them)

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