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to go on holiday with a 6 week old?

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Tortoiseinadarkspell Mon 24-Oct-11 12:33:50

And by "unreasonable" I mean "insane".

Christmas holidays. Just after Christmas. DD1 will be 3, DC2 will, hopefully, be around 6 weeks old. We were thinking of how nice it would be to take a few days to go on holiday - nothing adventurous, just a holiday home near a quiet beach (am in southern hemi, it'll be summer). Journey involves 3 hour drive, then 2 hour ferry. DD will adore it, it's exactly her kind of holiday. No adventurous sightseeing or anything planned, just a few days by a beach, swimming, DH wants to take DD fishing, etc. It's where she was conceived, actually, so we have v fond memories of the spot. I mean not that we would share that with her, obviously!

Yes? Or total insanity?

spiderpig8 Mon 24-Oct-11 12:34:49

why would it be unresonable?

porcamiseria Mon 24-Oct-11 12:34:55

yanbu, enjoy!!!! but what if DD2 is 2 weeks late??

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Mon 24-Oct-11 12:35:21

do it....just maybe wait til baby is here to book if you can, just in case. We flew to the south of france for Christmas when DS was 6 weeks old (stayed with my folks) the journey will probably be much easier for the newborn than the toddler anyway!

coastgirl Mon 24-Oct-11 12:35:38

We took DS to Centerparcs at that age and it was fun and easy. We just stopped more often on the journey than we would have were it just the two of us and of course brought twice as much luggage, but he adapted easily and we had a lovely time.

ScaredBear Mon 24-Oct-11 12:36:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HettyAmaretti Mon 24-Oct-11 12:38:23


Surely easier at the newborn stage than almost any other point in the first year / 18 months. As long as you add extra time to the journey for feeds and nappy changes and take a rubber ring in case your fanjo is still sore

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 24-Oct-11 12:39:10

Definitely do it - they're small and portable and it'll amuse DD by the sounds of things smile

Cartoonjane Mon 24-Oct-11 12:40:44

Once I went away with my baby, who at the time was 4 weeks old, I realised that it was much easier to be away than at home and did it as much as I could. I don't now why that was really, I suppose less other stuff for me to be doing along with the fact that even at that very young age DD seemed happier away from home. Go for it and enjoy it!

KatAndKit Mon 24-Oct-11 12:42:23

To me it sounds insane but I am not speaking from experience.

Tortoiseinadarkspell Mon 24-Oct-11 12:48:28

Oh, thanks, all. Porca, I was early with DD and all indications are that I will be again - but 6 weeks old is if I go to dates. And I am fairly AP, so I'm thinking a sling, my boobs and co-sleeping will be fine since that's what worked with DD; we'd take the pram as well, but shouldn't need bottles and things.

Can't wait to book, though. Because it's summer holidays and Christmas, most places already booked out - it's basically a tiny island which is full of holiday homes and not a lot else.

Rhubarbgarden Mon 24-Oct-11 12:51:42

I think it will be lovely. Just take plenty of time to make the journey with lots of breaks.

Aislingorla Mon 24-Oct-11 12:51:59

Great idea! Took my baby camping at 6 weeks. (and his 3 year old brother) Lovely/easy time. Breast fed so all we needed were nappies and clothes.
Much, much than when they're older.

Blu Mon 24-Oct-11 12:58:54

We took DS (pfb) away for a long weekend to a hotel when he was 2.5 weeks, and abroad - flight, coach, ferry - when he was 9 weeks, all a doddle, particularly because he was breastfed.

BOOareHaunting Mon 24-Oct-11 12:59:59

Great idea and very envy

I flew Tenerife to England with DS when was 6 weeks old. Then took train half way across the country a few days later and then ahlfway back and stayed in a caravan for a few days (think England and Oct weather!).

Was easier when he was that age than we I repeated it when he was 18 months wink

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Mon 24-Oct-11 13:03:33

I'd go in a heartbeat!! I miss the SH for that kind of thing at Christmas time!!

You'll all have a lovely, lovely time - I'm envy ... which is odd cos it's my choice to be in the NH - LOL - <better not dwell on that too much>

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