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newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 02:37:31

To cut a long story short I had an accident late 2010 and was able to claim against it - it was not a nice accident at all so had a long time to await monies and go through doctors tests and scan etc... eventually got a little pay out not much and bought a little car for myself and bought some lovely things for our home, couches, tv, chairs and some other bits and bobs - well Mother in law was not happy she bascially said I should not have spent it on myself with a car - she said I should of bought a new 7 seater car
we already have a great 7 seater that gets us around as a family and that my partner uses for work and I wanted a car for myself during the day with the baby - so having just one car would not work for us
am I being unreasonable - did I use the money wrong - should I have got another 7 seater or sold the one we have and got another 7 seater and no wheels for my partner and nothing for our home - ugh I am so upset right now.
TBH this car has helped me gain some confidence.
What do you think?

pinkyp Mon 24-Oct-11 02:41:57

Ignore her, your money - your choice. Tbh I would say that money is to be spent on you to make your life easier / compensate you which is what you've done

Tortoiseinadarkspell Mon 24-Oct-11 02:44:00

What? Why on earth should you have bought a 7 seater? You've got one, and you needed a small car. Her criticism makes absolutely no sense. And what business is it of hers?

I'm sorry about your accident, and having to go through the whole claims process. That in and of itself is so horrible.

Coolsticks Mon 24-Oct-11 02:44:26

Your money, your choice! As long as you and DH are happy with it. MIL is entitled to her opinion but the car is to be used by you and your family!

newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 02:45:50

Thanks Pinkyp that has made me feel better - I think so too - I did the right thing I spent a little on myself and the family smile

newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 02:46:47

thanks guys that have replied x

NatashaBee Mon 24-Oct-11 02:54:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iscream Mon 24-Oct-11 03:03:58

There is nothing wrong with spending it as you did. Just because your mil has a different opinion doesn't mean hers is right for you. I don't see why your mil felt it was ok to tell you how to spend your money.

newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 03:06:00

Thanks NatashaB - what you all said has meant the world to me it has made me feel better x

newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 03:06:39

ty Iscream

newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 03:10:50

@everyone - I am not sure what gave her that right either but she felt she had it
I was made to feel one bad person about it honest and the SILs said 'oh have you won the lottery and not told us'
I mean its a payout for damages nothing else - cannot believe they made me feel so bad over it - I was so upset

iscream Mon 24-Oct-11 03:38:15

Please don't feel badly,you did nothing wrong. Unless your kids are walking around in too small clothing and holey shoes, sleeping on the floor etc. It isn't right to drive around a gas guzzler for no reason, and now you have the car option!

newt4D Mon 24-Oct-11 04:41:32

ty iscream your right and thanks so much all of you - you have all made me feel so much better x

ZonkedOut Mon 24-Oct-11 04:45:55

You know your family needs better than them, and you don't think you need another 7 seater, I assume your DH agrees with you. So ignore what they say, and enjoy your car!

DMAGA Mon 24-Oct-11 05:20:06

They sound very unpleasant and jealous. You must have had a significant injury and the compensation was for YOU for what YOU suffered. It is generous and natural that you want to share it with your family, but how you do it is 100% up to you. Are you having difficulty sleeping because of worrying over this as the time of your post suggests that you are. Don't worry, just enjoy the car and your family and ignore the outlaws!

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 24-Oct-11 05:28:30

You only need one 7 seater car, we have one as i've got 4 children but then have a run around car as well, cheaper to fill with fuel,tax and insure. Its got nothing to do with mil, stop telling her details of your life, no need for anyone to know how much you got as a pay out.

NaughtyBusterAndTheBumFactory Mon 24-Oct-11 07:26:56

YANBU - I'm glad it's got your confidence up. ignore them.

wheredidiputit Mon 24-Oct-11 08:24:30


It makes sense to have a small car as a runaround.

LoveBeingAWitch Mon 24-Oct-11 08:29:32

Why are you taking this to heart so much?

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