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ask what is the point of asking me what i want

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AuntiePickleBottom Sun 23-Oct-11 22:40:41

when DH thinks it is a waste of money.

it's for Lee evan's road runner tour. Now i have never been to a concert or to see any one on tour ect. I love watching Lee evans on TV so thought i would be perfect.

Bearskinwoolies Sun 23-Oct-11 22:53:12

Auntie - would it be worth actually saying that to him? And if you have, what did he say?

Lee Evans is fab live, and well worth the money. If your dh doesn't want to go and see him, then take a friend, and let dh stay at home and sulk

My dh is actually crap at gifts, so I have to stick a list on the fridge of nice things I'd like, and he picks a couple. You could always do the same, but every item would be Lee Evans tickets?? smile

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 23-Oct-11 23:00:28

to me it is not a waste of money, it has been almost 3 months since i have given up smoking.

DH said if i managed 3 months then i he would get me a well done present...after all i have almost saved £500 by not smoking which have been hard work

KittyFane Sun 23-Oct-11 23:01:46

Buy whatever you want- well done Auntie!

ItsonlymeMrsDB Sun 23-Oct-11 23:03:26

What Kitty said.

Many Congrats to you, Auntie.

I wish I had your willpower.

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 23-Oct-11 23:09:31

nothing to do with will power, just rewiring your brain smile

£2184 a year is alot to spend on a habit, when there is soo many more things i want from life....i have never been on a plane or a concert. I want to go to uni ect.....that money can be fuel into doing something else with my life

Bearskinwoolies Sun 23-Oct-11 23:10:27

Well, then you definitely deserve a massive treat, of your choice, no matter what he thinks about it.

Or, tell him it's either the tickets, a pair of solitaire diamond earrings or some other tres expensive item, and stick to it. grin

YANBU obviously

SacreLao Mon 24-Oct-11 00:25:21

You need to perfect the art of starting big and working down.

DP - What do you want?
Me - A round the world cruise
DP - Too expensive
Me - To watch you wrestle a lion
DP - Too hard
Me - Oh fine then, i'll just have some Lee Evans tickets
DP - Not a problem

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