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to be really cross with AOL

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cantfindamnnickname Sun 23-Oct-11 18:16:49

My grandad died in February of this year. His AOL account was in his name, my nan notified AOL that he had died and wanted to close the account.

After lots of letters Iinc sending them a copy of the death certificate) she sent them a cheque in July to clear the account - they have just written to her to say they can not accept the cheque because it is not in the name of the account holder.

Well unless they think we can perform a resurrection they are not going to get a cheque from my grandad.

Anyone have the name or email or phone no for someone high up to tell them how crap they are?

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 23-Oct-11 18:23:18

that is awful, i bloody hate AOL but have not a clue to go with

hope the link helps

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