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To think that three months of drilling, banging and general noise from nextdoors is too much?

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bluecup Sun 23-Oct-11 14:33:17

Young lad moved in nextdoors and having house done up etc etc.

They've been drilling/banging/knocking walls done for more than 3 months, would you also be a bit pissed off? This is constant 7 days a week till 8 at night, and today on a Sunday??

Honest answers!

Northernlurker Sun 23-Oct-11 14:36:03

How else can they do up a house? Yes it's annoying but up till 8 pm is hardly unreasonable, nor is doing DIY on a Sunday.

I wouldn't be turning cartwheels but I think you have to recognise their right to work on their house. If you don't like it can I suggest you look for a detached house for your next move?

colken Sun 23-Oct-11 14:38:31

Are they doing anything for which they need planning permission?

IndigoSunshine Sun 23-Oct-11 14:42:09

Yes, I can imagine it is annoying and will piss people off but if it needs doing, they are going to want to press on with it. Would you prefer short term noise for a couple of days a week here and there for twice as long? Grit your teeth and reassure yourself it won't last forever.

IndigoSunshine Sun 23-Oct-11 14:43:05

*for should say or.

OurPlanetNeptune Sun 23-Oct-11 14:48:10

We have builders in renovating our house, the entire works take about 1 year from start to finish.

Yes, if they worked 7 days a week up until 8 they would not take a year but it would drive my neighbours crazy.

Our local authority make it clear to anyone doing building work on a property that they can only do noisy work between 8am-6pm Mon to Friday and only 8am-1pm on Saturdays. Anything outside those hours is likely to incur a £5000 fine.

I think this is really reasonable and fair.

bluecup - have you tried to speak to your neighbour about the disturbance? I personally think they are being inconsiderate to you.

Housewifefromheaven Sun 23-Oct-11 14:48:20

I'm the neighbour making all the noise. I guarantee you it's no fun this side either!

Housewifefromheaven Sun 23-Oct-11 14:52:15

So when are you supposed to do noisy work then if you 'd i y'? Just 5 hours on a Saturday? Jaysus, me house'd never be done!!!!!!

OurPlanetNeptune Sun 23-Oct-11 14:55:20

That is a very selfish view housewife

I think that is tough. The council are not just thinking about the homeowner doing the work they are thinking about the neighbours too.

I say this as a person who has 'done up' close to 7 properties in the last 4 years; I never receive complaints from my neighbours about noise.

NorfolkBroad Sun 23-Oct-11 14:58:03

We had this recently. Unfortunately my dp was ill at the time. We put up with it for a while and then had a word with the new owner who talked to the builders. We then agreed some ground rules, no work before 8am, no work on a sunday etc. It was much better after that. It has to be give and take. I think your neighbour is taking the piss a bit but if you dont tell him he wont know.

EllaDee Sun 23-Oct-11 15:06:02

As long as they do it within the appropriate hours, sorry, I think you have to put up with it. sad

Our neighbour opposite is doing up their house very, very slowly - a few hours here, a few there, mostly at the weekend, and it seems to involve a massive amount of drilling outside. It is fucking annoying but I don't know what else they could do? I have to say though, it's been so long now (best part of a year), that I did get very stroppy the one time they decided to start up work before 8 on a Sunday morning and did tell them this was not on. They've not done it again!

GnomeDePlume Sun 23-Oct-11 15:14:15

I think that you need to speak to your neighbour but do it politely. Your neighbour wont know how the noise has affected you so if you go in all guns blazing then you will come across as being unreasonable.

We did up a couple of houses. I'm afraid it is noisy. We tried to keep the noise down but did also feel that lots of noise in one go was a fair exchange for all the years of silence the neighbours had enjoyed while nothing was being done in the house!

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