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to be eating......

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workshy Sun 23-Oct-11 01:49:19

a kebab?

mmmmmmmmm chili sauce!

IWasDrunkItDoesntCount Sun 23-Oct-11 01:55:36

YABVU since every pizza shop near me is now shut and Im starving envy

GoreSplattersHouse Sun 23-Oct-11 01:58:07

YABU as you have now made me crave a chicken kebab. You are bad!! grin

Xiaoxiong Sun 23-Oct-11 06:11:42

YAB so annoyingly U - I am stuck on antenatal ward for overnight monitoring and have no hospital bag, no snacks and no prospect of any till DH arrives at 10am when visiting hours start, and I haven't eaten since lunchtime yesterday.

I can honestly say I hate you OP, you and your delicious juicy drippy spicy kebab envy I bet it has garlic sauce too and all the salad and if you got it in a fresh naan as well I will be angry

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