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Do this for me, but do it NOW, and do it my way.

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allhailtheaubergine Fri 21-Oct-11 06:50:41

I am TOTALLY being unreasonable from every single angle.

But urgh. I am supposed to be taking things easy this pregnancy. Doctor's orders. Plus I have a bad back. So I need my very helpful dh to do stuff that I would normally do and it is SO FRUSTRATING and IRRITATING.

I want him to walk the dog, but I want him to do it NOW NOW NOW just bloody go and then she'll calm down and sleep.

"Don't wash out the coolboxes" he says, "I'll do that". So they live in the kitchen for a few days. Then I move them into the hall and get told I shouldn't be moving them. Then I trip over them in the hall for a few days. Then I move them (still dirty) into the store where they gnaw at my conscience for a few days. Then I get them out of the store and hose them down like I was going to in the first place. Arrgh.

And to be fair to dh he is not a lazy bugger - he is doing a good enough job of picking up the slack, but I DO EVERYTHING QUICKER AND BETTER.

Then I decide to hose down the front steps and slip and fall down the steps and everyone is horrified that I was doing it BUT IT NEEDED TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY.

And breathe.

And I can have wine in four months.

MidnightHag Fri 21-Oct-11 06:56:14

Why are you up so early? Get back in bed and get some rest! smile

bubbles4 Fri 21-Oct-11 06:59:26

You have my sympathy,I am also of the mind that why put off a job when if you do it now,its done and out of the way.

blackeyedsusan Fri 21-Oct-11 07:04:18

undercooked potatoes/cremated veg/half the dinner missing completely. yes I have been there.

bloody frustrating!

but you have got to rest. so rest.

prioneyes Fri 21-Oct-11 07:11:35

Oh, I read the thread title and immediately thought "That's me!" grin

I can identify. I too have a DH like that. Great, helpful, does anything I ask. But not quite to my timescale or exacting standards. It's taken me some time to come to the realisation that this is a failing of mine, not his, so well done on that front! But feck knows it's frustrating.

Try and chill out though. The emotional stress of lying in bed seething probably negates the benefits of physical rest!

TheTenantOfWildfellHall Fri 21-Oct-11 07:17:50

Oh I think most of us have been there...

Pregnancy was a long stretch of violent throwing up, weight loss and a constant gritting of teeth as nothing was done quite as well as it should have been.

Lie down, close your eyes and be thankful he is at least 'trying' and that you're not being sent upstairs so he can play FIFA with his brother.

PinkFondantFancy Fri 21-Oct-11 07:21:31

Erm, yep OP, exactly the same issues over here too. V v v frustrating. I can't usually be arsed to even ask for stuff to be done anymore as it's quicker to save that time and do the job myself in the first place....

Flubba Fri 21-Oct-11 07:25:03

Oh yes I idenitfy with you totally! Just read this out to my DH (who has suffered three pregnancies with me, also incapacitated during PG by being too SPDd and too fecking uncomfortable to do many things). Like you, DH wsan't a lazy bugger, but he was doing everything much more slowlyr and less efficiently than I would have. grin blush grin

And I was being unreasonable, as are you (and I genuinely mean that in the nicest possible way smile). Even worse, the other day I found a note I'd written to him about how fecking annoying and frustrating I found things. (Rather than say it to him, I thought it would be better to vent my frustration on a piece of paper). Needless to say I ripped it up and binned it before he could ever see how vile I was

And breathe. And then breathe again. In a few months' time, it'll have passed and all will be nice and lovely again smile

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flubba Fri 21-Oct-11 07:27:10

oh the shame of errant rs and dancing letters blush
That's how frustrated I am on your behalf! grin

LoveInAColdGrave Fri 21-Oct-11 07:27:29

Yes, yes, yes. I am also pregnant and supposed to be taking it easy. DH does things, but on his own timescale. I have been asking him for flippin' weeks to bring our lemon tree inside for the winter before we have a frost. He procrastinated and procrastinated until we had a frost then brought it in. Now it looks very unhappy.

Repeat above for all the three hundred million jobs I normally do but can't right now.

It means I get obsessive and naggy which I hate.

But he is being very good about it overall so I feel like a caaah for moaning.

QuietTiger Fri 21-Oct-11 07:35:49

My DH is the same, incredibly helpful and considerate, and quite frankly, he's being wonderful, but everything is on his timescale because he is so busy.

And it drives me nuts. wink

But then, I can't say too much at the moment because he's just let me keep the 6 week old kitten I found running aroundthe John Lewis Carpark yesterday morning and he's doing the litter trays for it!

Whatmeworry Fri 21-Oct-11 07:38:59

It's not just when you are PG, the buggers just can't get it right

Whatmeworry Fri 21-Oct-11 07:41:04

Oops pressed send too early meant to add a grin

lollystix Fri 21-Oct-11 07:41:34

Yes I was changing lightbulbs on a 13 ft ceiling at 38 weeks pregs. Dh went mental but I had walked around in the dark for 3 months

lollystix Fri 21-Oct-11 07:42:51

Ps wow quiettiger - yours sounds fab - no way mine would agree to that. He's a keeper!

allhailtheaubergine Fri 21-Oct-11 07:53:15

I do tell myself quite sternly that he can't possibly do the work of two people in the same time it takes two people to do it. But then I see him SITTING DOWN or WATCHING TELLY and I can't help thinking how much happier I'd be if he just did chores solidly for 9 whole months without ever taking a moment to breathe or sleep or eat. HOW CAN ANYONE SIT DOWN WHEN THE NEW IRONING BOARD COVER NEEDS PUTTING ON???

And oh yes, BlackEyedSusan - the meals. "I'll feed the kids, you sit down" and 20 minutes later he is STILL faffing around in the kitchen. I'd have had them fed a hot meal, bathed and put to bed in the time it takes him to decide on peas or beans.

(I really don't deserve him, I know this).

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