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Quake rocks portionsof SA

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maysun56 Fri 21-Oct-11 04:17:30

Aftershocks are more likely to continue for a while after an indicationificant earthquake rocked portionsof South Australia.The 4.0-magnitude quake struck as much as 10 kilometres deep close tothe citys of Peterborough and Jamestown at 8.45pm (CST) on Sunday, Geoscience Australian obligation seismologist Hugh Glanville says.A second minor tremor measuring 2.1 hit the globalabout fifteen minutes later and more are more likely to follow.In Australia, any quake that folkcan feel is marked as significant at the Geoscience website so the general public can locatedetails about it.Mr Glanville said there were no less than 50 reports concerning the quake to this point."Tlisted here are still more coming in, we now have a fewfrom Port Pirie and we would have one from Port Augusta, it was felt fairlywidely," he said.Maryanne, a resident of Mannanarie, told the ABC her windows rattled when the earthquake struck."you need to feel the entire spaceshaking, however then the weird thing for me was that through the night we had no less than, well I counted seven aftershocks, simplylittle rumbles," she told ABC Online."Only of a second or so however they kept going all night, like a nasty case of indigestion."Mr Glanville said there were 8fiveearthquakes recorded within the similar area previous to now five years and never all of the aftershocks from Sunday's quake were logged yet."there have been quite few last night, they need to taper off unless we get another a large one. it is different fromly however it mayhappen."

PoppaRob Fri 21-Oct-11 05:48:08

There was one the other night at Upper Sturt. I'm further south on the coast and slept through it. Remember the Flinders Ranges and Mount Lofty Ranges are one continuous fault line running right down to Kangaroo Island so when one bit goes off you get rumbling along the way.

itchywitch Fri 21-Oct-11 06:02:19

I live in Adelaide but slept through yesterdays earthquake in the early morning. A tiny bit disappointed that I seem to keep missing them, not that I want to experience one on a large scale!

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 21-Oct-11 06:43:58

I live about 5ks from the epicentre of the Upper Sturt quake and slept though it. DH said the windows rattled and the house wobbled a bit. What I don't understand is that if one of my dds so much as squeaks in the night I'm awake but I can sleep through an earthquake. hmm

Why is this in AIBU btw? Not bovvered but wouldn't it be better in Living o/s?

differentnameforthis Fri 21-Oct-11 07:14:56

It woke me up...but then everything does these days. The windows rattled & it sounded like an underground train. Until I realised what it was, I was shock

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