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To formally request that someone rips that denim jacket off Nigella Lawsons back

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25kilopumpkin Fri 21-Oct-11 02:33:16

I mean come on?! Denim Jacket? Indoors? 2011? Stop it now Nigella it's bang unprofessional?

QwertyQueen Fri 21-Oct-11 03:54:29

I second that motion - winds me up. Also those little cardigans that have clearly been stitched onto her dress aaaaaaargh

pinkytheshrunkenhead Fri 21-Oct-11 05:00:47

I don't care, I would still drink her bathwater.

25kilopumpkin Fri 21-Oct-11 05:13:34

I love her too but just not the jackets and yes cardis. angry

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