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to send DD to school in DH's boxer shorts?

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RobynLou Fri 21-Oct-11 00:38:49

it's 'international day' she's 4 the boxer shorts are a welsh flag, will obv put other clothes on her too, in a white/green/red theme.

DH thinks I'm cruel and she'll never forgive us, I think I cba to devise a more elborate costume.


HeresTheScaryThingBooyhoo Fri 21-Oct-11 00:47:52

i think all her friends will laugh at her for wearing daddy's pants.

cant you just paint a flag on a tshirt?

Andrewofgg Fri 21-Oct-11 08:21:23

DH is right - you will make her a laughing stock. If it's not too late please think again!

EdithWeston Fri 21-Oct-11 08:30:20

Sew up the fly, and describe them as shorts. Seems fine to me, but will they stay up?

Hopstheduck Fri 21-Oct-11 08:34:58

If she is only 4 they aren't going to stay up. Put a baseball cap on her and send her as an American!

RobynLou Fri 21-Oct-11 09:36:29

I sent her in them, with a safety pin in the back, white tights, green top and red shoes....

she thought she looked awesome bless her.

I've taken photos for when she's 18 <evil mother>

RobynLou Fri 21-Oct-11 09:38:09

they had to go as a nationality they have a connection too, which was the problem - v limiting, it was welsh or dutch or english. didn't have anything dutch, or orange, and didn't want people to think we were bnp types....

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