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To WANT to have a mid life crisis (why shouldn't women have them?)

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LeNameChange Thu 20-Oct-11 15:48:00

BIG CAVEAT UP FRONT: I am not actually going to do any of these things, clearly. But AIBU to think that mid-life-crisis-thoughts are not the exclusive remit of men?

I am almost 40. And I am desperate to have a full on mid life crisis. I can't stop thinking about it, and dreaming about it, and just writing this thread is going to help me. And what will also help is if you say that you feel like having a mid-life crisis too and then I won't feel so bad.
SO -
(1) I have decided that I have a mad crush on lots of very fit lead singers of obscure bands who could be my sons and I want to become a groupie. Just for a week, you understand, then back to my real life.
(2) I want to have mad wild sex again - bless DH I love him, but we've been together 20 years. I want to go off and have one of those all day and all night sessions with someone you just fancy madly
(3) I want to wear lots of outrageous clothes which don't really suit me and wear a short blonde wig
(4) I want to buy a car which isn't full of old crumbs and bits of toys. In fact a 2 seater of any kind would be ideal.

AAARGH. It's definitely a mid life crisis. I keep having "but I'll be dead soon and if I don't do it soon, I'll regret it"...

Tell me I am not alone!

Kytti Thu 20-Oct-11 15:50:49

Let's go buy a fabulous 2-seater convertible and tear up the town! lol smile

LeNameChange Thu 20-Oct-11 15:53:44

Kytti you are on!

lesley33 Thu 20-Oct-11 15:55:57

Lots of woman do have mid life crisis. A friend of mine brought a red sports car at 46 - 4 years later traded it in and got a 4 by 4. My mum started dressing very young and trendily - very embarassing when you are in your early 20's - especially as she spent all her previous adult years dressing pretty sensibly and practically.

Mind you I know another woman who was in her early 70's who could no longer manage her 4 bedroom house. She sold it, bought a smaller house and bought a sports car with the profits.

lesley33 Thu 20-Oct-11 15:57:09

So with some things even 70 isn't automatically too old!

OiMissus Thu 20-Oct-11 16:00:44

First of all, you are not old enough to have a mid-life crisis. I may be in denial here, but at 39, I ain't ready for it yet.

1) nothing wrong with that - no harm done
2) hmmm - would be nice, but maybe you'll have to just go to a halloween party and dress up and then you and DH can pretend you're having wild sex with a hottie dressed up as a witch/zombie - just get a bit drunk as an excuse, treat yourself to some very fabulous underwear, and go daft.
3) Do it. Have a night out as someone else. Get the wig, or borrow one. And then go a nightclub.
4) Save up, organise a weekend away for you and DH in the Spring and hire a two seater sports car.

Enjoy! But include DH - he might be thinking similar things to you. smile

IggyPup Thu 20-Oct-11 16:05:31

I have been having a mid life crisis for a while now.

But....Be Warned....

When I bought my 2 seater sports car, it did my back in and I look a prat struggling to get out of it in those teeny tiny spaces they laughingly stencil out in car parks.

LeNameChange Thu 20-Oct-11 16:22:06

Ladies you are fabulous.

Oimissus I'm taking all your advice. Not sure I fancy wizards, but after enough pinot grigio I'm sure I will be fine smile

marriedinwhite Thu 20-Oct-11 18:24:11

40 is young - nowhere near midlife let alone crisis. I'm 50 the dc are almost 17 and 13, dh and I are sensible, responsible and stodgy. We keep having little fantasies about when DS goes to uni in 18 months' time and contemplating sending dd to board and starting to have long holidays. Selling the house for flat in town and DH keeps mumbling about getting red boxers and when I listen more carefully I hear the words Porsche Boxter. Much much too early for a mid life crisis for you. And I bought myself a pair of knee high boots and leggings and a long tunic at the w/e. Do you think the dc are thinking what the poster thought about her mother up thread?

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