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to wonder why it is so hard to buy a pair of trainers

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5Foot5 Thu 20-Oct-11 13:41:53

I appreciate that people who participate in sporting activities probably need a serious pair of trainers to support their feet, or whatever it is they do. It makes sense that they would go to a specialist sports equipment shop for these and I suppose they would expect to pay a not insignificant sum for an important piece of kit.

But then what about everyone else? We all wear trainers sometimes don't we? I like to have a pair just for mooching around in, but as I am not training to run a half marathon or play tennis or anything I don't need anything very high spec, or even medium spec come to that. I just want a pair of cheap and comfy trainers for leisure.

So why is it so hard to find any? I am sure it never used to be this hard. After my last pair had got too shabby for words I disposed of them, but today I wanted to buy some to take on holiday next week and it seems almost impossible.

The only shops that sell adult trainers are the sports shops that would charge me silly money. Shoe shops just sell shoes or sandals or boots or plimsolls. I know I live in a small town but I can't be so odd in wanting non-sporty trainers can I?

I ended up in Clarks kids as their trainers go up to size 6. So hurrah finally got a pair that were in the sale for £20 - and no they are not girly pink or have pictures of Postman Pat on them!

But has anyone else found this? And am I right is this a recent change?

Helltotheno Thu 20-Oct-11 13:50:36

See to me, trainers ARE a sports shoe, yes the nikes, asics, saucony, adidas etc are expensive, but when you get the right pair.. dang they're the most comfortable gorgeous shoes in the world. But yes cost is an issue. I have my beady eye on a pair of asics kayano at the mo but I can't bring myself to part with the dosh sad

I think what you're looking for really is casual comfy shoes. Why not ask over in S&B?

jeee Thu 20-Oct-11 13:52:00

Sports Direct have loads of cheap trainers (e.g., reasonable pair for DD1's school trainers = £8). And good choice, and price, for more expensive trainers. I guess that they've probably stopped some shops from competing at the lower end.

5Foot5 Thu 20-Oct-11 14:16:00

What is S&B? See I said I lived in a small town so we don't have a Sports Direct either - sigh! We used to have a TJ Hughes that sold cheap trainers but they are no more.

I don't mind spending alot of money for a proper walking boot. I got a pair of Scapa and they are fab. But they are more suitable for a day in the hills not strolling along the sea front!

IWillOnlyEatBeans Thu 20-Oct-11 14:46:47


I threw my last pair away as they made my big toes go numb (!) However I am starting a Zumba class tonight so had to buy some new ones. In the end I just went into JD Sports and asked them to point me in the direction of the cheapest pair...and they were still £40! And they have neon pink stripes on them blush.

Hopefully no one will notice...

I'll try Clarks Kids next time!

MrsRobertDuvall Thu 20-Oct-11 14:54:14

Sports direct do online....great value.

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