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to feel really uneasy about this situation

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elisadoeslittle Wed 19-Oct-11 23:42:26

Ive been on mat leave for the last year. I was due to go back but work have been particularly difficult regarding my working hours. They want me to do far far more hours than I wanted. And the part time person in our team has recently left, leaving the part time hours free (we all do the same job) except that for some reason they don't want to let me just take over her hours.

Im not particularly surprised, seeing as while I was off I never heard from anyone congratulating me, even people from work I thought of as friends. They advertised my position also, which I questioned and was told that it had been advertised incorrectly and was for maternity cover which would then turn into a permanent position doing something else after I returned. It was also paying £5k more than I was on (again, we all do the same thing)

Now they have been funny with the hours, I just feel pushed really. I think Im going to hand in my notice because I would be worse off if I went back but I just wanted to get back into working. Im going to start looking for a job locally (this was a 2 hour commute everyday)

But, AIBU to feel uneasy about all of this? They are very passive aggressive, informing me I could go to HR if I wished and I have a right to submit any hours I liked but they would probably be refused. I used to really enjoy working there but something makes me feel wary of them.

fourkids Wed 19-Oct-11 23:47:20

If you want the P/T job, I would suggest you join a union before going to see HR to discuss P/T working and make sure your union card happens to be sticking out of your purse which happens to be half out of your bag while the discussion takes place!

If you don't want to keep working there anyway, it probably isn't worth the hassle smile

GlendaGoose Wed 19-Oct-11 23:49:47

Sounds like they've already given your job to the 'maternity cover' and they're trying to push you into resigning. I'd be inclined to chance my luck and go through HR to submit your preferred hours.

What's the worst that can happen?

Best case, you get what you want, second best they pay you off, worst case they say no and you're no worse off than if you resign.

elisadoeslittle Wed 19-Oct-11 23:49:57

DP has said the same, and he's not desperate for me to hurry back. I just feel a bit apprehensive that they are being so prickly about it all. There really is no reason for me not to just take the PT hours. My manager said the dept is used to the amount of overtime this person does and so they want to keep the same arrangement?!

Kayano Wed 19-Oct-11 23:50:58

They can refuse those requests you know... Maybe post in employment issues. And you can go to HR and speak to your union rep?
Obv I can't tell tone but I can't see any passive aggressiveness in telling you the option of HR is open to you? sad

troisgarcons Wed 19-Oct-11 23:58:27

They are forcing your hand.

Unless the employment law has taken a massive backwardsstep in recnt years you go back tyou your job. If that has fallen way or been reorganised you go to an equitable job, with same pay, same status, same conditions.

elisadoeslittle Wed 19-Oct-11 23:58:30

Its not just the hours. Its the general feel of things since Ive been off. The advertising of my job obviously started me thinking that something wasnt quite right. Although we are all admin, we do look after diff teams so I was able to tell it was my position.

Im posting here because I wondered if this level of uncertainty was normal when returning from mat leave, and whether I was BU to feel hmm about the circumstances, given that there has been little friendly contact from people I worked closely with. A few that were very close friends - or so I thought -deleted me from FB the moment I was out of the door!

I could just be para of course!

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