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to not buy a present?

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Sharinganopinion Tue 18-Oct-11 17:28:12

Today is my niece's birthday. She lives about 5 hours away from us, so no chance of seeing her for her birthday.

I phoned up my sister a month ago, to ask her what she would like for her birthday, I said I would prefer to spend all money on present rather than postage so was there somewhere I could buy a voucher for that my niece could spend the voucher in, or could I transfer the money to my sister's account, and she purchase the gift on my behalf.

She said that was a great idea, and there was a pushchair that my niece wanted so if we transferred the money she'd buy that. Good all sorted or so I thought.

Twice I've contacted her since to ask for bank details to transfer money to.

Yesterday, my mum (not knowing any of the above - or not from me anyway) said your sister has been in touch and wants you to buy a type of toy from argos and send it down.

Now I work full time, and there was no chance yesterday to either go to argos and then post office and send gift, or go online to buy it and get it sent down there. I've looked just now and it will take 3-5 days to get there. As I said her birthday is today.

My sister is a SAHM, and the argos is literally 2 minutes from her door, aibu to send argos voucher which will take same length of to get there as the present and then she can choose which one, of the type she specifically wants?

I'm cross that I was purposefully organised and contacted in plenty of time, and it's now the case that my niece does not have her present from us, when there's no reason for her not to have it.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 18-Oct-11 17:36:24

Send the present via online Argos. If it's a small child, dates are all a little meaningless . And next time, don't consult. Send what you want to send and, if they're polite, they should be grateful.

Seona1973 Tue 18-Oct-11 19:34:49

I would have just sent a cheque or voucher in her birthday card rather than faffing about with bank details, etc

plupervert Tue 18-Oct-11 20:43:39

You could always transfer her a voucher and helpfully reserve online to collect in store, so your DN has it on the day - if her mother does the collection and pays with the voucher?

Uglymush Tue 18-Oct-11 20:49:01

Our family live opposite ends of the country (near enough) my mum and auntie have always done the cheque/bank account thing and then bought the appropriate present. It makes life much simpler for everyone. I would send the voucher or a cheque and say you don't want the present being damaged in the post!

aldiwhore Tue 18-Oct-11 20:49:05

I don't see the big deal about leaving it completely until you see her, a card will do ON the actual day. My siblings live at either end of the country but we're seeing them at Easter so they'll give (and receive) various presents then. Having 2 bithdays in October and the Christmas, its nice to have something at the start of summer to look forward to.

My kids adore their Aunt and Uncle.

If you have to faff about with one as close to her birthday as possible, then vouncher/gift cards are the way to go.

ramblingmum Tue 18-Oct-11 20:51:46

Could it be that while it would be easy for your sister to go to Argos it might be hard to go without DN and didn't want her to see it before her birthday?

cjbartlett Tue 18-Oct-11 20:54:10

god i hate all this asking what they want

just send a voucher next time

KittyFane Tue 18-Oct-11 20:57:54

Argos voucher in post.

KittyFane Tue 18-Oct-11 20:59:16

With note saying 'this is for ... toy or something else if you prefer'

slavetofilofax Tue 18-Oct-11 21:06:42

Why didn't you just put the voucher or money or cheque in with her card? confused

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