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to get all passive aggressive on the bus driver's ass?

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ButterP Tue 18-Oct-11 00:08:35

DH and I got on our local bus, going from the row of shops to our house. The distance is only one stop, however, because of the way the stops are, it can be a good 20 minute walk, it was cold, I was really tired and we have bus passes (DH has a normal one for work, mine is a disability one for free travel)

We got on the bus last, and as all the seats at the front were taken, we stood near the luggage rack, holding on to the rails.

The driver shouted back "move along the bus! There are seats at the back!" I tried to say we were only going one stop, but he was glaring at me and anyway I feel selfconcious enough using my pass with an invisable disability.

So I walked down the bus, stopping to hold on to the handles at every bump (something I kind of needed to do, but I probably did it more than I had to...), sat down for about five seconds, then rang the bell and stood up to make my way back to the front, and gave the driver a huge grin and thankyou when I got off.

Looking back, I think I might have been a bit petty... Dh was like hmm but I get really annoyed at the sarky looks I get for travelling that one stop, even if I didn't have a pass (which they don't hand out willy nilly btw) surely if people want to take the bus any distance and they have the pass or ticket for it, then they can? Especially given they are both very busy stops and the bus will always stop there anyway.

Meh... IWBU wasn't I?

Meh. Grumble.

Birdsgottafly Tue 18-Oct-11 00:18:32

In a way yes, because you could have just made it clear that you where only going to the next stop.

People aren't taking any notice of you, it only feels like that and certainly not the bus driver.

It is bloody annoying when people hog the front of the bus and it makes it dangerous when getting off.

zombiebillysolloxx Tue 18-Oct-11 00:19:18

YANBU i would have done same its not against the law to stand up on the bus you opened a can of woop ass on him good on ya!

worraliberty Tue 18-Oct-11 00:21:35

YABU I often go just one stop because I have an all day bus pass so if a bus comes along I jump on it.

If the driver asks me to move down the bus, I simply tell them there's no point as I'm only going one stop confused

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