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paisleyII Mon 17-Oct-11 13:54:06

had flue jab and casually mentioned when she asked how i was that i had just had a high cholesterol result of 6.5 as i had slackened in my eating habits the last two years as previously it gone down to 5.5 from 6.4. she went on how terribly high this is (i had been told by dr previously when it was 6.4 that it wasn't good but it wasn't an amount to worry about but to try and improve blah blah blah) and that (quote) i would get high blood pressure and have a stroke. i mentioned how a friend of mine's is 11 (which is quite normal if you have the hereditary form) and she said (quote) well your friend will be dead soon. i couldn't believe it, speechless. then laughable when i got in there was a letter to me from gp saying they had had my blood test results (i didn't get it done there) and that i should make an appointment with the nurse to chat about my diet - no fucking way, may as well go and kill myself. she also went on about how my 5.5 that i had previously got it down to and was well chuffed that it wasn't good blah blah, she was the voice of doom. and the thing is, she is usually such a nice woman, have known her for years. that comment about my friend was unreal

shaz298 Mon 17-Oct-11 13:56:45

Probably just been on training re I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Is there another practice nurse you could see? If not make an appt with GP and go speak to him/her about it and explain while you are there why you didn't want to toal with nurse about it. xx

paisleyII Mon 17-Oct-11 13:59:37

thanks shaz, i already have my own game plan as i know what i should and shouldn't be eating but when you are a bit worried about something you are predisposed to (i am stick thin, excersise, have a family history of heart stuff) you don't need to hear that sort of bluntness. i doubt that without statins i would ever be able to get mine down to 5 and was happy with 5.5, i have to laugh really smile

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