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To think baby hatches are a really good idea?

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iMemoo Mon 17-Oct-11 10:47:36

I can't link as I'm on my phone but Alley Lofthpuse, who was herself abandoned as a baby' is campaigning to have them introduced in the uk.

The idea is a mother can leave her baby, no questions asked and without fear of prosecution.

Apparently up to 50 babies are abandoned in the uk each year, a third of them die sad

iMemoo Mon 17-Oct-11 10:48:22


buttonmoon78 Mon 17-Oct-11 10:48:46

I'm in favour.

iMemoo Mon 17-Oct-11 10:51:23

Can you imagine the trauma and turmoil a mother must go through when making a decision to abandoned her baby. She must be so desperate and alone.

starsandstripes Mon 17-Oct-11 10:51:47

I'm all for it.

Toobluntforboss Mon 17-Oct-11 10:51:50

I think they are a really good idea too. They have a similar scheme in a number of US states and from what I remember the stats back up the success in keeping babies safe.

piprabbit Mon 17-Oct-11 10:52:11

I think they have these already in some, especially catholic, countries.

I think it is a good idea, but so sad that it is necessary.

Here's a link

SausageGoulsAndFruitSpooks Mon 17-Oct-11 10:59:39

I'm in favour.

If a parent is in the frame of mind to abandon their baby, then knowing there are places where baby will be safe and looked after is only ever going to be a good thing.

IIRC, a few years ago, a newborn was found, barely alive, in a black bin liner in a wheelie bin.

If it stops that ^ ^ type of thing happening, then Yes, do it.

giyadas Mon 17-Oct-11 11:01:06

Just saw this on the Wright Stuff. I'm in favour too, but I worry that Mothers who do abandon their baby anonymously won't receive the help they need. But they may not use these hatches unless they can be anon. Such a heartbreaking situation, but anything that can help should be welcomed.

Onemorning Mon 17-Oct-11 11:09:03

I'm in favour too. What a sad situation though.

iMemoo Mon 17-Oct-11 11:13:10

It is truly heartbreaking. I wish there was a way to do it whilst also ensuring tbe mother got the help she needed.

HeidiKat Mon 17-Oct-11 11:50:18

I always thought there was a law in place that if you are abandoning a child you can hand it in to a hospital or police station and they can't prevent you from leaving or force you to reveal your identity, or is that in the USA?

iMemoo Mon 17-Oct-11 13:16:36

Heidi, I think that is the case in the USA for 72 hours, not sure about over here though.

PattySimcox Mon 17-Oct-11 13:58:16

I can't imagine the desperation of a woman who feels that she has not option but to abandon a baby.

I think the hatches are a good idea so long as there is a guarantee of anonymity for the woman

TipOfTheSlung Mon 17-Oct-11 14:03:22

Do the hatches being used set off an alarm. I'm for it in principle, just worry about the babies. Having said that seems to be better than the alternative

soandsosmummy Mon 17-Oct-11 14:07:37

Strongly in favour. I think the idea is that the baby is delivered into a warm an comfortable environment and they are regulary checked. My only worry is for the health of the mother

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Oct-11 14:14:06

It would certainly be better for the abandoned babies to be in a safe place. And the mothers aren't any worse off.

But I guess the risk is that more babies would be abandoned? I'm sure there's plenty of mums who have a bad patch here and there, but wouldn't do anything about it, partly because they know it would be so risky for the baby. If the risk was less, would more of them take that step?

Tenebrist Mon 17-Oct-11 14:15:52

It's not just in Catholic countries - there are several hatches here in Berlin. I think one of them is a few kilometres away from us, on the outside wall of a hospital. When a baby is placed there it triggers an alarm and a nurse arrives within minutes. According to German law a mother who abandons her baby (in a bin bag or whatever) is liable for prosecution, which is obviously unlikely to motivate her to come forward, even if she needs medical treatment herself. With the hatches, however, the mother is deemed not to have abandoned the baby, but to have given it up to safe, qualified care. Crucially, she has up to eight weeks afterwards to 'claim' the baby without prosecution (but presumably would then be subject to checks by social workers subsequently). After eight weeks unclaimed the baby is made available for adoption.

It's a brilliant idea and undoubtedly saves lives - even one live baby a year is enough to justify a hatch.

Tenebrist Mon 17-Oct-11 14:17:32

MuminScotland There's no evidence in Germany that more babies are being abandoned as a consequence.

Booooooyhoo Mon 17-Oct-11 14:21:41

i'm all in favour of it too.

when i was at school (about 12 years ago) some children found a newborn baby's body in my local town at the playpark sad poor poor baby having to suffer like that. it really affected me and i am all for anything that would work towards preventing any more babies sufefreing.

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Oct-11 14:22:52

Tenebrist that's great then, I didn't know anyone had done it and kept figures. And the 8 week "cooling off period" should get round anyone who was just exhausted and felt they weren't coping.

afishcalledmummy Mon 17-Oct-11 14:27:00

I'm in favour too and signed the e-petition when I read about it at the weekend.

AsTenebrist says - even if it saves one life a year it's enough to justify a hatch.

Debs75 Mon 17-Oct-11 14:32:13

I'd heard they did it in Germany as well. I think it is a good idea as it could stop women just dumping newborns to die. even if they don't want the baby at all surely they would like it to survive and be cared for.

vess Mon 17-Oct-11 14:35:02

Good idea.

hanahsaunt Mon 17-Oct-11 14:45:20

Great idea - just signed.

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