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to email my husband

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AuntiePickleBottom Mon 17-Oct-11 00:22:34

we have hit a bad patch, and even though i don't want to end the relationship, he is not listening to what i am saying.

i want us to spend some time together
split the household claning
split the childcare fairly
also for myself to have some 'me time'

startail Mon 17-Oct-11 00:25:37

I've been known to, when he's stormed of to the study in a huff. He gets very shirty texts if he switches his phone off too.

Snowboarder Mon 17-Oct-11 00:29:24

I have been known to write my husband a letter when I've wanted to say things clearly and without all the emotion of a face to face conversation. It's a good idea if you think otherwise you might end up having a row.

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Mon 17-Oct-11 00:30:58

I think that sometimes it can be an effective way of dealing with things - some men people are better when they see things 'in writing'. It also gives them time to think about what you have said, rather than just react.

Clearly talking isn't working - it can't really hurt can it.

Hope you can sort it out

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