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To think Phase Eight are selling Miss Hoolie's cardigan?

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Inertia Fri 14-Oct-11 16:10:39

Inertia Fri 14-Oct-11 16:12:14

sorry messed up doing the link Miss Hoolie's cardi

dingdong3 Fri 14-Oct-11 16:15:21

OUCH! <rubs eyes>

Indeed - a little less green than Miss Hoolies but as tragic as hers nonetheless grin

marcopront Fri 14-Oct-11 16:41:13

I wasn't completely sure who Miss Hoolie was but when I looked at the picture I knew. So yes they are.

celebmum Fri 14-Oct-11 17:00:09

Ditto macro!! grin

PicaK Fri 14-Oct-11 17:05:59


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