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To have been disgusted by this...

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fedupwithdeployment Fri 14-Oct-11 12:38:44

yesterday lunchtime I was in one of the main roads in Glasgow. I saw a small girl (probably about 5) squatting down on the pavement outside what I think was a bank. She was slightly shielded by a woman on a mobility scooter, who was talking to another woman with a pushchair with a smaller child in it.

My first thought was it is none of my business. Secondly, I thought, maybe I could have offered to take the child into my office's loo....but it was clearly a bit late for that. Anyway, I didn't do anything.

5 mins later I walk back. They have all gone and there was a big poo on the pavement.

Should I have done anything different? I was really shocked by this...even if it was an emergency, it was the centre of Glasgow, there are loos available. If the woman in the scooter was unable to take her to a loo, perhaps the other woman could have helped....and as I say, she was at least 5.

WWYHD? Should I have done anything differently?

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 14-Oct-11 12:40:33

Maybe she was making an anti-bank protest? hmm

aldiwhore Fri 14-Oct-11 12:40:54

That is completely disgusting and I have a child who wees without warning... and never in his pants!

At least they could have cleaned it up somehow? If not the woman in the scooter, then the lady who was chatting to her!

valiumredhead Fri 14-Oct-11 12:43:00

What do you think you should have done OP? grin

What would I have done? Probably raised my eyebrows and avoided stepping in the poo! Perhaps the woman didn't have a bag to pick it up? I dunno...

ihatecbeebies Fri 14-Oct-11 12:45:04

I'll watch my footing when I'm out in Glasgow tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!

OTheHugeWerewolef Fri 14-Oct-11 12:48:06

This is disgusting and antisocial. If dog owners have to pick up dogshit, parents can sodding well pick up childshit. To let your child take a dump in the street and then just walk away is astonishingly squalid.

Now, bring on the 'mustn't judge' brigade... grin

FanjoForTheMuahahammaries Fri 14-Oct-11 12:49:09

oh I hate the word "brigade" it's SUCH a Daily-Mailism.

That was quite a gross act though.

Hullygully Fri 14-Oct-11 12:49:48

Ooooo poo.

poo poo poo poo

roadkillbunny Fri 14-Oct-11 12:56:14

When dd was potty training we were away on holiday, dd indicated she needed the loo, we were at a tiny train station, no loos anywhere about, dd was 19 months old so I took her right the way behind the shelter on the platform to the small gap between shelter and fence, I was expecting a wee, we got poo. I had felt bed enough about the wee but knew there was not much to be done cleaning it up other then sloshing down some water but with the poo I used baby wipes to pick it up and bin it, then used a bottle of water to slosh the place down.
I don't think you could have done anything OP, sometimes, like above it just happens, the child was older then I would expect for it being so little notice or control to find a loo but for all you know the child could have toileting issues. It is not nice, the parent should have cleaned it up best she could but as a passer by there is nothing to be done apart from watch your step I am afraid!

OTheHugeWerewolef Fri 14-Oct-11 12:57:48

And implying that by virtue of being a 'Daily Mailism' something is beneath notice - as the concerns of Daily Mail readers are unimportant or otherwise objectionable - is remarkably judgemental and condescending to some 4.5 million people.

As you were wink

FanjoForTheMuahahammaries Fri 14-Oct-11 12:58:40

well, I have found quite a lot of Daily Mail readers to be judgmental and condescending (from comments made recently on their website) so am hardly beating myself up about that.

BluddyMoFo Fri 14-Oct-11 12:59:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DreamsOfScream Fri 14-Oct-11 13:03:55

I am crying with laughter at the mental image of that BluddyMoFo

KurriKurri Fri 14-Oct-11 13:05:19

I agree with Hully

StuntCubble Fri 14-Oct-11 13:09:45

we had to adopt the pooh in a newspaper approach on a National Trust property it was awful, we were at least a mile away from a toilet on a narrow path. DD was in no way discreet either and was grunting and genearlly making pushing out pooh noises, we got many hmm faces and had to carry our pooh parcel for ages.

I could never just abandon a pooh though

ihatecbeebies Fri 14-Oct-11 13:09:50

Hahaha that is hilarious Bluddy

DogsBeastFiend Fri 14-Oct-11 13:11:15

"What do you think you should have done OP?

What would I have done? Probably raised my eyebrows and avoided stepping in the poo! Perhaps the woman didn't have a bag to pick it up? I dunno..."

I'll save that comment for use each time the regular MN dogshit thread rears its ugly head. "You object to dogshit left in public? Perhaps the owner didn't have a bag to pick it up?"

Ooooh yes, I can see that going down a treat...!

StuntCubble Fri 14-Oct-11 13:13:45

Thing is Dogs, dog shit is more dangerous and I guess with children you wouldn't expect them to need a shit in the street whereas dogs generally always do? Not that I'm excusing it, it's pretty vile imo

Pagwatch Fri 14-Oct-11 13:17:25

You could have shouted..
" excuse me. I think you dropped a big shit"

DogsBeastFiend Fri 14-Oct-11 13:18:52

My dogs are well trained and I wouldn't expect them to shit in the street but I'd still clear it up if they did, Stunt.

The OP was in a main road in Glasgow, it's not as if she was in a remote area where the dirty buggers couldn't possibly have obtained a plastic bag from someone/somewhere, is it?

Analogies aside, this is disgusting behaviour on the part of the adults concerned.

BonnyBanks Fri 14-Oct-11 13:21:18

That's pretty nasty, the centre of Glasgow has plenty of places to go to the loo and I would have thought a 5 yo should be able to hang on really.

When my two were toilet training we got a Potette (pop up potty with liners) best £12.99 I ever spent. I used to pop in my back pack and take it everywhere. These days I still take to to the park and it otherwise lives in the car for emergencies.

StuntCubble Fri 14-Oct-11 13:25:39

Oh yes absolutely dogs I'm just saying you would be less likely to expect a five year old to pooh in the street.

How did you train your dogs not to btw, mine always craps in the most embarrassing of places and I have to clean it up whilst the children look on in horror and gagging grin

uselesspregnantmum Fri 14-Oct-11 13:26:45

That is absolutely grim, yanbu.

mistressploppy Fri 14-Oct-11 13:37:16

I agree with Kurri

Maisiethemorningsidecat Fri 14-Oct-11 13:41:07

YANBU - that is utterly gross.

If your 5 year old decides that they need a poo, you don't stand around talking to your pals while they squat, do you? If, for reasons best known to the adults, they couldn't break off their conversation then one of them should have gone for a poly bag and cleaned up. Middens.

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