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Did you have a good nights sleep?

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Catsu Fri 14-Oct-11 08:54:54

so, this morning dh says to me 'did you have a good nights sleep?'
'no' was the short answer, which he would have known already seeing as we have a newborn who I am breastfeeding
'I knew I shouldn't have bothered asking, I was only being polite' says huffy dh, due to short and to the point (and more than a little bit irritated) response.

Well, why did you bloody ask then?
AIBU to think that a polite enquiry actually becomes rude rather than polite if you know that the answer is negative but dont care or want to hear about it?
It's like saying 'did you have a nice weekend?' to someone who you know has been sick all weekend IMO

And the REALLY annoying thing is that it will happen all over again in a couple of days when dh forgets and 'politely' asks me 'did you have a good nights sleep?' again angry

lenak Fri 14-Oct-11 09:00:20

Sympathies - I'm in the same position and last night was not fun.

My DH says "Did you manage to get any sleep?", or "Did she sleep much last night?". Could this be what your DH means in a clumsy way?

Don't let it get to you - smile and carry on smile <she says while trying not to snap at her 4 year old for no real reason>

TheRealMrsHannigan Fri 14-Oct-11 09:43:13

Insensitivity must be catching this morning!

I just got a text from DH asking 'how did you sleep?' when he knows I am mind numbingly tired after he fidgeted, got up and down going to the loo, getting a drink etc last night and DD woke up at 2am, bright as a button saying 'I'm awake mum, lets play hop scotch'. I get up at 6am for work. angry

cheekeymonster Fri 14-Oct-11 10:19:38

If DH asks me (when he finally gets out of bed) I shall kick him in the nuts! He got in at 1am pissed, woke me up. woke me up again at 3am when he went to loo.
This morning refused to help me get DD ready for school instead sloped off back to bed leaving his coat, shoes, clothes, meal he decided to cook last night all strewn around lounge. Spilt whatever it was he cooked last night all over kitchen floor and left it there.
Couldn't even be bothered to say "bye" to DD this morning as we left.
I really really hope he feels ill. I already know there will no apology. shitbag

Rollon2012 Fri 14-Oct-11 10:21:08

at least you get asked,

maybe hes trying to make sure you don't think he doesnt care

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