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To think that thank you cards before the event is a bit odd.

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breatheslowly Thu 13-Oct-11 20:19:03

I am almost certainly overthinking this...

We got a thank you card for a present we bought from a gift list today. The wedding isn't for a couple of weeks. I know that we should just be grateful for getting a thank you card given how many people seem not to get them. But I do find it odd to have been sent it before the event. Maybe I am just envious as I didn't think of doing this before our wedding and had a pile of cards to write afterwards. On the other hand it was good to be able to thank people for coming and say how lovely it was to see them.

DaydreamDolly Thu 13-Oct-11 20:20:57

YANBU. This is odd. I enjoyed sitting down and writing my thank you cards, complete with piccy from the day and anecdotes about honeymoon.
Pretty impersonal to just thank for the gift IMO.

diggingintheribs Thu 13-Oct-11 20:30:54

That's really weird

the thank you card is

1) thank you for sharing my special day
2) thank you for the lovely present (named)

KaFayOLay Thu 13-Oct-11 20:39:41

My dd does her thank you cards and they get put into the party bags.
Her birthday is a few weeks into the school holidays and it seems daft giving them out 4 weeks after her birthday.

Having a TY card prior to the wedding, does seem hideously organised.
I bet the wedding will go off with military precision and woe betide anybody who messes up the plan winkgrin

Puffykins Thu 13-Oct-11 20:44:38

I wrote most of my thank you letters before our wedding. There were a couple of people who were very ill (cancer) and I didn't know if they'd still be alive by the wedding (one wasn't). Then I decided that, as everybody knows that the receiver knows that a present has been bought, I'd write to all those who gave us something before our wedding. Obviously, there were still quite a few to write after our wedding - people who arrived carrying presents - but, due to writing some before, I never felt overwhelmed by thank you letters, and possibly wrote nicer, longer, newsier letters than I would have written had I had to write 70 odd cards at the same time.

zipzap Thu 13-Oct-11 20:52:06

I agree that it's odd.

On the other hand there were some people that were really quite put out at our wedding that we hadn't sent a thank you note as soon as they had sent the present. They were even more hmm when we said that we hadn't actually had the presents delivered but were waiting until after the wedding so in our minds we didn't even 'have' the presents even though we did know what people had bought.

splashymcsplash Thu 13-Oct-11 20:53:12


Surely they are just being organised! wink

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