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to complain to this ski company re: blatant sexism!

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CupOfBrownJoy Thu 13-Oct-11 19:18:47

I have booked a holiday with Crystal ski (name and shame!) for February next year. My friend has been mostly dealing with them but to confirm our booking as a couple, I called them yesterday, I paid the deposit and I gave them my email address to send the booking confirmation to.

I have just checked the documents, and the invoice and the introductory letter are both addressed to DP! I can only presume that this is because he is the "Mr" and I'm (merely!) the "Miss".

AIBU to be rather narked by this and to call them tomorrow to complain?

Grr! angry

nightshade Thu 13-Oct-11 19:25:59

my mother had this problem once. she went in and asked for a quiet word, explained the sitution, and that, as they had addressed bill to her husband, he had opened it.

on the assisant asking why thiswas a problem, she lowered he eyes and stated that it wasn't her husband she had planned on taking!

the assistant was extremely apologetic!!

go for the subtle approach.

ScaredBear Thu 13-Oct-11 19:26:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squareegg Thu 13-Oct-11 19:32:50

If you have different surnames then is his alphabetically above yours? Just I've had this is reverse before with male colleagues and that was the reason.

BOOareHaunting Thu 13-Oct-11 19:38:12

nightshade grin

YANBU. If you paid it then it should go to you. I have been the lead on a holiday a few times and I got the paperwork, similary when we rebooked (as got return discount) and this time used friends name she got it.

emma0134 Thu 13-Oct-11 19:47:09

YABU I think

If it was your friend has been dealing with the booking then it is probably in their name respective of who paid the deposit, the reason you got a e mail is to confirm the deposit was paid. I think

I wouldn't have noticed such details.

tyler80 Thu 13-Oct-11 19:54:35

Solicitors did this to us, I had dealt with them, filled in all the forms, listed me as Applicant 1 yet they still assigned us a reference number which included my partner's name and not mine. This then led to further confusion as when I phoned up to pay the surname on my card didn't tally with the account.

CupOfBrownJoy Thu 13-Oct-11 20:03:45

squareegg my surname is alphabetically first.

emma0134 the entire booking is in my friends name I think, I'm just a bit mystified as to why a letter and invoice for me, for our part of the booking, which I had been told I would receive, was in the name of someone that the company had never spoken to and had no dealings with? If it was in my friend's name I could totally understand...

ScaredBear I think I will do that - I'll sound all confused and tell them I haven't received the documents they promised... smile

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