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to feel frustrated!

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tryingtobemarypoppins2 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:49:45

I always thought the baby days would be the hardest to juggle with working part time. It has been expensive but we have managed the early starts and the picking up after work etc. I cope at work but it is hard to juggle just like everyone else etc.

So eldest starts school in Sep, small village school, outstanding etc. But no breakfast, no afterschool, no child minders serving this small village. I could try and juggle family, but it is stressful and for the next 7,8,9 years??!!

I looked into a nanny by at £9 a hour it is so expensive and most have said the hours are not enough.

So, I can only see the option to reduce my hours even further (I can my number of days, not hours). But it is so frustrating, my pension will be even more crap etc. And all because I cant cover 3 hours a day!

Where are I going wrong??!! I am so frustrated. I want to be there for my children, but want a good standard of living for them. I could try and get them into a school 5miles away that is 'grade 3 ofsted' and has extended care......but that seems mad.

HELP!!Am i missing something?!

Kayano Wed 12-Oct-11 22:53:30

Are you not missing a trick with NO childcare or clubs in your village? Have you thought of childminding or childcare as a job?

Just musing outside of my box here....

NickNacks Wed 12-Oct-11 22:55:45

Call your FIS (Family Information Service) and ask the childcare co-ordinator if she knows of any CM's that are or will be newly registered.

squeakytoy Wed 12-Oct-11 22:57:54

room for an au-pair?

tryingtobemarypoppins2 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:58:44

Kayano you may well have a point!
Thanks nick it is just such a tiny village and even child minders just outside it seem to serve schools in different directions. I did wonder about a nanny share but the cost still seems so high.

tryingtobemarypoppins2 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:59:44

squeakynot really sad Could they live in the shed?? ;)

ihatecbeebies Wed 12-Oct-11 23:00:03

I like Kayanos idea smile

SazZaVoom Wed 12-Oct-11 23:02:42

We have had EXACTLY the same problem. It is really frustrating and I really feel for you. I think i may have found a CM who is due to be registered in Jan, although i think she will take FT babies in preference to pre/post school.

In the meantime I am using a PT nanny at £10 p.h. Ouch. However this is only temporary as, similar to you, the hours are not enough and she is doing it for us whilst she is looking for a more FT job.

tryingtobemarypoppins2 Wed 12-Oct-11 23:10:27

SazZaVoom and that is frustrating as you just want to settle your children and keep routine.

I have to send them to the best school for them and not just one that has childcare but my goodness it seems so unfair!

SazZaVoom Wed 12-Oct-11 23:18:48

TBH, I try not to get too stressed about it otherwise i go round in circles. We do actually have an after school club but DD2 can't go there from preschool(she will start reception next year), but even that finishes at 5pm, so actually doesn't help either confused

And breathe!

I used to find our nanny and i have a girl from my gym creche who will do before school for me if i need it (nanny didn't want before school hours hmm). We cobble together and plough on. Luckily DH and i can work from home a fair bit, but we still have pinch points and few options.

Good luck with your search for the holy grail smile

tryingtobemarypoppins2 Wed 12-Oct-11 23:29:10

Thank you lovely, you too!

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