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i'm not a mean mummy as ds1 keeps telling me (illness)

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altinkum Wed 12-Oct-11 07:58:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dawndonna Wed 12-Oct-11 08:00:05

Poor thing, lots of rest and a bit of spoiling, he really shouldn't be at school. He'll only want to come home later, anyway.

Icelollycraving Wed 12-Oct-11 08:04:21

No,definately keep him off. Treats,tv & cuddles.

altinkum Wed 12-Oct-11 08:06:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveBeingAWitch Wed 12-Oct-11 08:06:28

Keep him off a day on the sofa and some fuss.

LoveBeingAWitch Wed 12-Oct-11 08:07:02

Does he want to go to school confused

VeryLittleGraveEaters Wed 12-Oct-11 08:12:23

You are right to keep him off. If he's had a severe anaphylactic-type reaction then he will feel stiff and sore for a few days after. The tantrums are probably a result of this. Warm baths and Calpol/Nurofen are the way to go.

bagelmonkey Wed 12-Oct-11 08:17:17

Definitely keep him off. Lots of tlc.

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