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to think Carphone Warehouse are a bunch of shysters?

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edam Tue 11-Oct-11 14:18:03

Update on my previous thread - basically Carphone Warehouse sold me a faulty smartphone that they refused to replace. Sales assistant, shop manager and customer service phoneline all ignored the Sale of Goods Act, refused to replace, and insisted all they would do was repair the faulty phone (oh, but had it broken in the first 28 days, rather than six weeks after buying, they'd have replaced. This is NOT what the Sale of Goods Act says).

Anyway, just got a call to say phone was ready to collect. Go to pick it up. Only I can't check whether it is working because apparently they don't have the memory card. They claim, they gave it to me. I have no idea whether this was true - I was too het up at the time, having to argue the toss about 'company policy' v. 'your legal obligations under the Sale of Goods Act' and in a ruddy hurry becuase it had already taken my whole lunch hour AND a second visit after work to sort this out. If the memory card is, it will be in the box they gave me which had the cover of my phone, my charger and the charger for the inferior 'basic' mobile they gave me while mine was being fixed. Which is at home, so I can't check right now while I'm at work.

Upshot is, I would advise anyone against buying from the Carphone Warehouse - they sell faulty phones, ignore their legal obligations under the Sale of Goods Act, and have potentially lost my contacts. I certainly haven't had access to them while using the 'basic' phone - they were previously on my SIM which I innocently gave to them to do the 'Walk out walking' service. Apparently not on my SIM any more.

Wish I'd stuck to my basic PAYG mobile - which worked, which had my contacts on the SIM, not the phone, and which was much cheaper than the contract (especially as another thing they didn't tell me was the contract doesn't include voicemail. You get charged every time you check your voicemail - ended up having to add £2.50 a month for the pleasure of doing something that should, obviously, be included in the package).

chobbler Tue 11-Oct-11 16:20:30

got burnt in a similar way, avoiding them better for blood pressure.

Kayano Tue 11-Oct-11 16:36:32

My phones 4 u phone broke about 4 years ago. It was dropped but they said it was water damaged so could not replace or fix. Still had to pay 6 months of contract grr

Got new contract and new phone in the mean time but forgot phones 4 u had kept my old sim!

Imagine my surprise to be billed £100 the next month for a sim and phone I did not have!
They then claimed although they had it on record that they ha my sim and had 'destroyed' it... That because te contract was in my name it was my responsibility to pay the bill! angry

Friggin piss take. This was years ago and I will NEVER use another 4 u company again angry

Had to write to the local paper to sort it out and get my money back!

Ps... O2 are your friends ime

chobbler Tue 11-Oct-11 18:26:45

O2 lovely until you try to move then you find out. secret is to buy sim only deals from them and get a replacement phone from Tesco etc. never get plagued by upgrade calls that way either.

Champagnevanity Tue 11-Oct-11 18:49:07

I had a bad experience with my Phone insurance with Carphone Warehouse. They were terrible! My phone was pinched and obviously i had to give them a crime reference number, however this wasnt enough. They were asking for the contact details of the police officer dealing with my case, a letter from said police officer and after that they asked for the CCTV, which legally isnt allowed to be given out.

Theenn... they said i had to buy a copy of the crime report for £25.00 plus paying my excess of £50.00!

I thought insurance was ment to make life easier?

edam Wed 12-Oct-11 19:32:29

Sorry for not coming back earlier, got frantically busy at work and forgot about it (doh!).

Champagne, sounds like their 'insurance' isn't worth the paper it's written on. V glad I opted out of that (I get it included with my bank account although who knows whether they are equally useless).

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