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to be so petty

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SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:30:44

I have hidden my favourite mug at the back of the cupboard so that MIL doesn't use it tomorrow when she comes up for a hard day providing us with free childcare.
In fairness, if she partciularly liked it, I'd be happy for her to use it, but she just grabs whatever comes to hand. So I wanted to make sure that the mugs that came to her hand weren't my favourite mug that needs to be waiting for me.

So am I:

a) not U
b) not U for the mug thing, but U to start a thread about it
c) U about the mug thing, but not U to start a thread
d) a bitch DIL from hell

fluffythevampirestabber Mon 10-Oct-11 22:31:56

Definitely not U.

A all the way.

but I have a favourite mug and if anyone else touches it I will break their fingers

purplewerepidj Mon 10-Oct-11 22:32:39

e) very very very lucky that this is the worst thing you can think of about your MIL???

JajasWjolef Mon 10-Oct-11 22:33:23

I go mad if anyone uses my favourite mug and especially if they give them to their children (yes aged two and me with a hard tiled kitchen floor SIL) <faints away>

So not u at all op smile

EndoplasmicReticulum Mon 10-Oct-11 22:33:32

not U. You'll know if she really likes it if she seeks it out.

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:34:30

My MIL is lovely but she does have mug-using tendencies. They are also evident in DH. If you offer him a box of chocolates he doesn't read the little leaflet, just grabs one and stuffs it in his mouth, then sayd "ugh it was OK, not that keen though" - usually those ones are MY FAVOURITES

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:35:05

Oh my mug is still being produced, so if anything were to befall it I could have another within days.

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:35:35

And I have a backup from the same range - same shape and size but different colour. It'll do in the meantime

slavetofilofax Mon 10-Oct-11 22:37:16


fluffythevampirestabber Mon 10-Oct-11 22:37:41

TBH I'd buy another mug or 6 now so you have a spare

MurderBloodstabsandgore Mon 10-Oct-11 22:37:57

YABU for the chocolae thing. I am custodian of the chocolates, and I shall dish them out, by reference to the menu and the expressed wish of the recipient.

MrHeadlessMan Mon 10-Oct-11 22:38:06

Are we talking about a tea mug or a coffee mug?

It makes all the difference.

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:41:07

ahh fluffy last Christmas the MIL in question gave me a set of coffee cups, which are also lovely and are jostling for the top spot. There are 6 of them, which is good as it means I can always have one, but they do lose something in their availability.
This is a coffee mug. tea is vile stuff envy
Murder, I like the chocolate routine you have going. If I try to do that with DH he tells me not to be so soft and takes one. I have taken to piling the nuts and orange creams on the top, but he still manages to pinch th caramel barrels angry

manicmummyoftwo Mon 10-Oct-11 22:42:10

Not unreasonable at all. Tea only tastes 'right' out of MY mug and I would not be responsible for my actions if my MIL's mouth came within 2 metres of it. Mind you she is probably the worst MIL in the world but that's a whole other thread!

blackeyedsusan Mon 10-Oct-11 22:42:58

definately buy some spare mugs.

is mil going to care wwhich mug she has as long it is not chipped/cracked/no handle? if not(as you said) then yanbu.

yanbu to start the thread... it is interesting to see that other people have these minor dilemas about someone so nice envy

fluffythevampirestabber Mon 10-Oct-11 22:43:50

Now you see there's an advantage of being a single parent I hadn't thunk of grin

I get ALL the caramel barrels grin

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:47:41

I'm not sure. I wonder if she has a favourite mug here, as I have at her house. And in fact I do at my mums, but that's easy because hers all match smile

SjuperWereWolef Mon 10-Oct-11 22:48:17

i miss my mug sad it was a cheapy one but i luffed it.

dp broke it with his morning coffee angry this was about 7 months ago but i remember.. in fact, just this afternoon i thru out the massive high school musical mug he loves <for the size i hope > with more than a little glee at the memory of my broken mug..

definitely a grin

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:49:02

fluffy, you probably have no interest in dating, or you may already be, but if you were ever to be in the position of writing a lonely hearts ad, make sure you talk about which chocolates he should prefer. This stuff is important. In theory I am a good fit with DH as he tends to like the nutty ones, but as I've said, he just doesn't take it seriously.

upahill Mon 10-Oct-11 22:49:42

you are none of the above. Just petty and childish.

fluffythevampirestabber Mon 10-Oct-11 22:50:18

Shriiieeek - search my threads. I have a toyboyfuckbuddy. He does what he's told. It's great. grin

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:50:33

Sjuper, what did it look like, tell us about it, can we help?

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Mon 10-Oct-11 22:51:01

OK thanks upahill

Faffalina Mon 10-Oct-11 22:51:57

I think you ought to take the mug out of the house, if you want to ensure its safety from her nasty grasping mug-stealing paws

upahill Mon 10-Oct-11 22:53:54

OOOps sorry! That came out abit harsh.

It was like the MN equivalant of 'Catchphrase' You know, just type what you are thinking and I posted before I thought it through.

It's still only a mug though!! grin

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