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wibu to pretend to take a picture to scare teenagers

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Sassyfrassy Mon 10-Oct-11 21:58:45

I was waiting for the bus today by a busy road. There is a footbridge just above and as I was standing reading an ebook this two teenage boys spat down and I got spit on me and my phone. As they walked down and loitered a bit further away (still spitting away) I gave them my best annoyed teacher glare and then pretended to take a photo. They immediately started worrying and I could hear them say "oh no, she took a photo."
As they left they came past me and one of them asked why I took a photo. I told them in a firm and rather sarcastic voice that there was such a lovely view of the road and of people spitting. He went off while muttering how I wasn't allowed to take photos.

I kind of felt good that I worried them a bit after they were so disgusting. I just hope they wont be around again tomorrow. Thankfully there are quite a few people waiting for the bus at the same time as me. Tomorrow I will stay under the shelter though =)

DogsBeastFiend Mon 10-Oct-11 22:00:53

Nope! Good for you. Dirty little beggars!

squeakytoy Mon 10-Oct-11 22:01:18

I am not quite sure how you "scared" them.... but spitting is vile behaviour.

triskaidekaphile Mon 10-Oct-11 22:02:24

I think it was a most excellent idea.

ScaredBear Mon 10-Oct-11 22:03:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TastyMuffins Mon 10-Oct-11 22:03:32

I've pretended to take photos before - usually from a distance when I had a phone that didn't even take pictures. Once even did a pretend phone call to the police when some yobs were damaging plants in the park.

cyb Mon 10-Oct-11 22:04:39

No but I;ve made a noisy fake call to the police when some oiks chucked water balloons at us from a balcony

GoodWitchHunting Mon 10-Oct-11 22:06:43

Some teenage boy spat on my DS last week - he didn't even look where he was doing it angry We were stood waiting for the green man.

I said 'oh FFS! That's disgusting!' but he never said anything, just looked away. I took out a wipe, cleaned off DS's trousers and shoved the wipe in this kids hand as I walked away. He looked a bit bemused but still didn't apologise!

I hate it soo much!

gordyslovesheep Mon 10-Oct-11 22:08:49

well done - I've done it - I had school mums call me a paedo for taking pics of their cars parked on double yellows at work! apparently you are 'not allowed to take pictures outside a school' (of cars) to which I replied 'I also believe you are not allowed to park on double yellow lines'

Maisiethemorningsidecat Mon 10-Oct-11 22:12:09

Well done, you did the right thing. Isn't it funny how the little shits darlings are often not that brave when they think they might get actually get caught?

TidyDancer Mon 10-Oct-11 22:12:18

YANBU. Great idea!

blackeyedsusan Mon 10-Oct-11 22:58:51

gordy, fan flippin tastic.... what a fabulous idea.

Ariesgirl Mon 10-Oct-11 23:05:10

YADDDDDDDNBU. Spitting almost makes me weep with disgust. Not so long ago this ghastly chav young man spat and it was THIS CLOSE to landing on my feet. I tutted loudly. He turned round and shouted "Don't fucking tut at me you cunt!". Everyone in the vicinity looked the other way. This is the kind of person I associate with spitting.

MumblingAndBloodyRagDoll Mon 10-Oct-11 23:32:14

Squeaky they would be sccared by the fear ofreprisal of course. YANBU OP. Good on you!

Aries I am SO glad that was not me....I would have had to get him

UniS Mon 10-Oct-11 23:34:17

Why pretend- just take a photo. Our PCSO was VERY pleased to have a photo of local trouble maker on a mini moto with no helmet on. Made it just that bit easier to get the oaf properly in trouble and the mini moto confiscated.

pigletmania Mon 10-Oct-11 23:54:15

Dirty bastards, YANBU at all!

kickassangel Tue 11-Oct-11 00:38:26

it's pretty easy to email the police to give them details of any minor infringements - most web sites have a link, and you're able to attach photos etc.

perhaps you should tell them that next time.

mathanxiety Tue 11-Oct-11 01:02:09

After DD2 got approached by a creep in a car offering a lift, the police officer she talked to advised her to take a photo if it ever happened again, or even to hold up her phone and pretend to take one and def to take a photo of the licence plate if she could. Plus tell him to get lost as she was a minor.

YADNBU, in fact very sensible.

PoppaRob Tue 11-Oct-11 05:50:27

Good use of the technology OP. One of the more popular nightspots here had some problems with heavy handed bouncers security staff grabbing drunken guys and taking to the park across the road for a bit of biffo. That soon changed when they discovered that every time it was happening a large group of people followed them and were taking photos with their mobile phones! Fortunately people complained to the cops, with the photos to backup their stories, and the bikie associated licencee had his liquor licence revoked for being an unfit person.

Sassyfrassy Tue 11-Oct-11 06:32:18

The only reason I didn't properly take one was that I was somehow thinking it wasn't allowed, seeing as they were minors. I then looked it up when I got home and it seems it's fine in public places.

They definately looked really worried. Of course I can't be sure they meant to hit me, but from the way they kept glancing over at me, I am sure they knew they had.

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