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to expect a stirfry to have rice/noodles with it?

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RitaMorgan Mon 10-Oct-11 19:33:44

Apologies for possibly the most petty AIBU ever, but DP and I just had a huge row about this!

When I do a stirfry, it is some combination of meat and/or veg with noodles or rice and a sauce. DP thinks that stirfried meat and/or veg in a sauce is a perfectly acceptable meal hmm

AIBU or is he nuts?

GuillotinedMaryLacey Mon 10-Oct-11 19:34:38

I would always do some noodles with it, seems a bit unfinished otherwise.

KatAndKit Mon 10-Oct-11 19:35:11

Yes, it needs noodles!

troisgarcons Mon 10-Oct-11 19:35:12

Ummm I only do meat and veg.

dexter73 Mon 10-Oct-11 19:36:05

Definitely noodles or rice needed too.

RitaMorgan Mon 10-Oct-11 19:36:27

Is that a complete meal then troisgarcons? Just meat and veg?

ScaredBear Mon 10-Oct-11 19:36:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kayano Mon 10-Oct-11 19:37:13

DH does veg and meat with a bit of rice but I prefer noodles sad

And as he cooks and I don't he gets rice lol

Deffo rice or noodles.

Or sometimes I go all out & have a jacket potato!!

fatlazymummy Mon 10-Oct-11 19:37:56

It depends on if you are doing the no carb thing or not. Personally I would have a small amount of noodles or rice, as I don't feel a meal is complete without some form of carbs.

Meglet Mon 10-Oct-11 19:38:50


Essential to have noodles or rice with it IMO.

squeakytoy Mon 10-Oct-11 19:39:08

i would put beansprouts in, but no rice or noodles..

KatyMac Mon 10-Oct-11 19:39:17

meat & veg

KatyMac Mon 10-Oct-11 19:39:34

or even just veg


Bellavita Mon 10-Oct-11 19:39:53


JambalayaCodfishDIE Mon 10-Oct-11 19:40:19

I dont use noodles, I have lots of beansprouts. smile

yellowraincoat Mon 10-Oct-11 19:41:26

You need noodles or else, where are the lovely filling carbs?

TiggyD Mon 10-Oct-11 19:42:08

I go for extra veg to keep calories down. Usually bean-sprouts.

wigglesmonsterock Mon 10-Oct-11 19:42:30

I've just had one grin with noodles but I have been known to make it with just beansprouts.

thisisyesterday Mon 10-Oct-11 19:42:38

of course it has rice or noodles... wouldn't be a proper stir-fry without.

does your DP also have a roast without potatoes?

how weird!

Viagrafalls Mon 10-Oct-11 19:42:46

noodles or rice, definitely!

troisgarcons Mon 10-Oct-11 19:44:11

You havent seen the size of my stirfrys .... mind you now I think about it - at work they have noodles. Cant say I ever thought about doing them at home. I shall ponder this.

GrownUpNow Mon 10-Oct-11 19:44:15

Meat and veg with bean sprouts is nice... lower carbs I would think. Good if you are trying to cut them out a bit.

Mmmm... I want bean sprouts now.

RitaMorgan Mon 10-Oct-11 19:46:50

None of us are trying to cut calories or go low carb... I don't think a carb-less dinner is filling enough for a toddler either.

troisgarcons Mon 10-Oct-11 19:48:05

Bean sprouts come under the veg heading in my book!

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