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to not buy DD a Christmas present?

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Pippaandpolly Sun 09-Oct-11 18:13:30

This is my first post in AIBU <quivers>

DH thinks I'm mad because I don't think there's any point in buying DD a Christmas present. She'll be 3 months old and I imagine will be very happy playing with wrapping paper. He thinks it's mean because in years to come she'll ask what we gave her for her first Christmas and be upset it was nothing. Family are sure to give her lots of presents so it's not like I'd want to sit her in the corner with a lump of coal...

I simply do not see the point of forking out on anything expensive (unless, I suppose, it's a 'forever' present - jewellery!? Seems ludicrous) and I don't want to buy tat simply for the sake of buying something. So, AIBU, or is DH?

Sandalwood Sun 09-Oct-11 18:16:53

There must be some useful things you'd like to get her anyway.
Clothes/bath toys/sippy cup etc you can wrap up for her.

RedHelenB Sun 09-Oct-11 18:17:09

I agree with DH but it doesn't have to be expensive,Let him choose it.

GlitterySkulls Sun 09-Oct-11 18:17:17

while it's true your dd won't know any different, i personally couldn't get my child nothing.

i don't think either of you are bu, just a case of different opinions.

You don't have to buy expensive or tat though, there is a middle ground.

You DH is right and you might regret it if you don't.

TidyDancer Sun 09-Oct-11 18:18:38

I think you're going to get very split opinions on this, but I'm with your DH. It's not about 'the now' with issues like this, but it's about creating memories to tell your DD of when she's older. Get her a token present, doesn't have to be expensive. Take some photos of her in/with it, that's all you need to do.

So yeah, I think YABU.

Guadalupe Sun 09-Oct-11 18:18:44

Of course she won't really know but if your dh wants to get her something special then why not?

BatsUpMeNightie Sun 09-Oct-11 18:18:46

What is for sure is that she will not ask you in years to come what she got for her first Christmas but if by some miracle she does then you can quite happily tell her whatever you like because guess what? She'll never know!

twinklytroll Sun 09-Oct-11 18:18:57

I wouldn't buy a 3 month old a present but I don't really do presents.

ZonkedOut Sun 09-Oct-11 18:19:01

YANBU, but I'm sure between now and then you'll see a few things that you'd want to buy her anyway that you could save for Christmas. I'm sure it will sort itself out.

Trills Sun 09-Oct-11 18:19:10

YANBU - she won't know or understand this year or next year really either

Ragwort Sun 09-Oct-11 18:19:21

As Red says - let him go and buy something - crazy to waste spend money on a three month old who will have no idea whatsoever about what is going on.

Actually it is probably a good idea to get your DH into buying the christmas presents - my DH always does for our DC - saves me the stress grin and he is a lot more generous than I would be !

tyler80 Sun 09-Oct-11 18:20:46

YANBU. I'm sure plenty of other people will indulge her for her first Christmas so she'll still have stuff to 'open'

I don't think she'll ever ask what she got for her first Christmas.

LittleMissFlustered Sun 09-Oct-11 18:21:19

Not unreasonable at all. At that age Christmas is more about the adult than the childsmile

squeakytoy Sun 09-Oct-11 18:21:32

I would say you are a bit unusual. Most new parents love the first christmas and buy all sorts of silly things for their baby...

If the reasoning was because you couldnt afford it, fair enough, but I just cant imagine a parent not wanting to write "love mummy and daddy" on their childs first christmas present.. confused

Grumpla Sun 09-Oct-11 18:22:11

I think a Christmas tree decoration would be a lovely first present.

With lots of layers of shiny wrapping paper grin my DS particularly loved the holographic style!

ChitChattingWithKids Sun 09-Oct-11 18:22:25

You can get a beautiful christmas tree ornament with the year on it which is 'hers'. Every Christmas you can hang it on the tree and call it DC's christmas decoration. When she leaves home it will be hers to take with her!!!

IneedAbetterNickname Sun 09-Oct-11 18:22:57

DS1 was 4 months for his first Christmas, DS2 was 2 months. We bought both of them nice china plate, mug and bowl sets. DS1s is Peter Rabbit, DS2s Winnie the Pooh. Obviously they couldn't use them for a few years, but both love using them now, (they are 7 and 5), and assuming they don't get broken, they will always have them. My brothers and I all have our first plates, and my DC love to eat off of them at Grandma's.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 09-Oct-11 18:24:22

Agrees about the Christmas decoration... a lovely keepsake.

Maybe a rosebush in the garden or a fruit shrub that DD can enjoy when she's older.

If you really feel the need, then a lovely, snuggly bear-type thing that's as big as she is... I don't know, I do understand your reasoning though, it's pointless.

titan Sun 09-Oct-11 18:24:47

We didn't buy DS anything last Christmas. He was four months old. He had so many toys anyway and I didn't think he would notice! As others have said, he received plenty of presents from friends and family. We'll probably get him something small this year now he's older though.

troisgarcons Sun 09-Oct-11 18:25:25

I'm with you OP - I bought my eldest a set of encyclopaedias ! mainly because i wanted a set!

DreaduStudent Sun 09-Oct-11 18:25:31

I got a tin of milk, a new bib and some socks for my first Christmas present grin

Fleurdebleurgh Sun 09-Oct-11 18:27:15

Didnt buy either of my kids a xmas or birthday present in their first 2.5ish years.

LadyThumb Sun 09-Oct-11 18:27:55

My son is now 27 - he has NEVER asked me what I got him for his first Christmas.

Pippaandpolly Sun 09-Oct-11 18:33:04

OK, I really like the tree decoration idea. And that's something that could become a tradition...

I don't want to seem like a heartless cow! Maybe I am being a bit unreasonable - the post about writing 'love from Mummy and Daddy' did pull on my heartstrings! I hadn't thought of wrapping stuff we would need to get for her anyway.

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