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AIBU to expect the doctor to give me antibiotics for my 3 year old who has had bad cough and cold for 5 weeks?

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isleangel Sun 09-Oct-11 09:49:35

My 3 year old took the cold in the 1st week of September. His nose has run constantly and he has developed a bad cough which is getting worse and has kept him awake every night for the last 4 weeks. I don't like using antibiotics, which is why I left him until last week to take him to the doctor, but the doctor said that antibiotics wouldn't make any difference after this length of time and instead presribed him prition syrup to dry up his nose. This hasn't helped and I know its not an allergy, as his brother had exactly the same thing only his cleared up after a week. AIBU and if I'm not how to I get him antibiotics now?

electra Sun 09-Oct-11 09:51:14

Take him to another doctor, he should be better by now. I also know how awful it is trying to cope with the sleepless nights that come with a small child who has an infection so I empathise!

troisgarcons Sun 09-Oct-11 09:51:54

A cold wont be cured with anti-biotics. It is a virus. Virus cannot be 'cured'.

sausagesandmarmelade Sun 09-Oct-11 09:52:12

Doctor must think it's viral (rather than bacterial) BUT if you are worried then take him back to the doctor and tell him that you would like to try antibiotics.

He may have a chest infection

LoopyLoopsPussInBoots Sun 09-Oct-11 09:52:40

Yes, YABU.

Catslikehats Sun 09-Oct-11 09:52:58

Coughs and colds are viral infections.

Antibiotics don't kill vruses.

I amazed that there are still people out there who do not know this.

By the time I press post there will be 200 x posts to the same effect.


BatsUpMeNightie Sun 09-Oct-11 09:53:03

Who's the Doctor here? You? Or the Doctor?

electra Sun 09-Oct-11 09:53:56

No virus should last 5 weeks though in a person who has a healthy immune system. The GPs at my practice diagnose antibiotics, partly on the basis that the infection has gone on for more than two weeks.

altinkum Sun 09-Oct-11 09:54:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

laluna Sun 09-Oct-11 09:54:30

Sorry your LO is poorly but if it's a viral infection yabu to want antibiotics. Agree that a second opinion may be in order. Have you spoken to your pharmacist about appropriate night time cough remedies?

duckdodgers Sun 09-Oct-11 09:55:36

Antibiotics dont work against viruses - they attack infections which are caused by bacteria. Overuse of antibiotics for non bacterial infections only leads to problems in the future regarding resistance. It may well be an allergy, not sure why you seem to think it isnt just because of his brother as all children are different.

electra Sun 09-Oct-11 09:55:46

But colds develop into bacterial infections sometimes. My dd often gets an ear infection following a cold.

Bats - do you blindly follow the advice of every doctor you see? Because some are not actually very good.

ScaredBear Sun 09-Oct-11 09:55:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purplewednesday Sun 09-Oct-11 09:56:09

Did the Dr listen to his chest?

Hard as it is, this may be viral and thus antibiotics won't work. It is quite likely at this time of the year and with a toddler to to catch more than one virus so they run on after each other. Many people of all ages develop a post viral cough that can last for up to 6 weeks.

So it all depends on what his chest sounds like, how high his temp is, whether he is grey and clammy, etc.

Piriton can dry up secretions so thats why its given when its not an allergy, its for symptom relief. You may have to give it regularly for a few days to see the effect though rather than just one dose.

Hang in there. Nursing small children who are poorly is hard work. x

isleangel Sun 09-Oct-11 09:56:41

I am a Biomedical Science and a biology teacher so I do know that antibiotics will not help viruses, but he is on inhalers for his chest and I believe he is suffering from complications. What would be your advice then in how to help him, or do I just let him suffer for the next month?

sausagesandmarmelade Sun 09-Oct-11 09:57:04

Get his cough looked at. If it's a chesty one then your son may need further medication....

Definitely take him back to the doctors if you are worried.

You sound like a really caring mother and are concerned that your son is still suffering.

Nothing wrong with that.

electra Sun 09-Oct-11 09:58:01

Well, whatever the outcome, isleangel you are entitled to second opinion so I would try to get one if I were you.

sausagesandmarmelade Sun 09-Oct-11 09:59:20

I'm asthmatic. When I've had colds that have led to chest infections I've been prescribed steroids and have taken things like benylin.

Sometimes steroids are the only answer...but your doctor should examine your child's chest and know whether he needs something else.

In the meantime...lots of hot drinks!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 09-Oct-11 09:59:23

Yes, yabu. If the dr is happy it's a virus then antibiotics won't make a difference. By all means go back if you're worried it's dragging on, got worse, etc. But don't go in demanding antibiotics as unless it's developed into some sort of infection they won't help.

purplewednesday Sun 09-Oct-11 09:59:23

Is he pyrexial?

electra Sun 09-Oct-11 09:59:40

Don't worry isleangel - mumsnet has lately become a place where people think it's a sport to be rude to people, especially on AIBU.

Electra, he doesn't have a healthy immune system, though, he's got one that's fighting a virus, and has been for a number of weeks. That'll tax the healthiest of immune systems.

Sometimes, the virus can alter itself enough to keep on reinfecting, or it could actually be several different viral infections that have run concurrently. Remember, 3 y.o. children are not known for their skills when it comes to things like runny nose hygiene.

OP, get plenty of vitamins and minerals in him, either in his diet or with a child supplement, and if it's possible, consider isolating him from as many other kids not of your immediate family as you can for a week to ten days to stop him meeting any new pathogens.

isleangel Sun 09-Oct-11 10:02:56

Thanks electra. Sorry if I come across as annoyed but I am really concerned for my son and he's miserable.

sausagesandmarmelade Sun 09-Oct-11 10:03:34

I can't really understand why anyone would come onto a thread where a mother is showing concern for a sick young child and give anything other than a helpful answer. To condemn pretty sick.

But then, maybe there are people on here whose lives are so empty that they only enjoyment they get is to try and upset (and put down) others?


altinkum Sun 09-Oct-11 10:03:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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