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To feel totally let down by my bridesmaid

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deathlyhallows Fri 07-Oct-11 15:55:52

Ok so I am getting married next week and I have 3 lovely bridesmaids , 2 of whom have been fantastic and really been there for me. I am quite an independent person and have done mostly everything for myself but they have offered to do loads and of anything I have asked they have either done or been so apologetic if they couldn't . But the third ...

Has been so uninterested . Hasn't done one thing to help , has come to nothing unless it has to do with her (ie dress fittings hair and make up) and the wedding is next week and I have seen her a handful of times in the last 3 months . Whenever I text her about wedding stuff she either doesn't get back to me or texts me with a brief reply that doesn't help saying she's been busy at work and is too busy to think about it . And even on her days off she says she needs for herself cos she is so busy at work .

AIBU to think she should be making time for me ?

Lizcat Fri 07-Oct-11 15:57:45

Just a thought have you asked if everything is okay at work - she sounds as though work is really getting on top of her and she may not be confiding in you as she doesn't want to worry you with the wedding coming up.

yippeekaiyay Fri 07-Oct-11 15:57:48

YABU. Being a bridesamaid is not a job

worraliberty Fri 07-Oct-11 15:58:58

It depends on what her home life is like really

Does she have kids?

What exactly is it you want her to do for you?

LaurieFairyCake Fri 07-Oct-11 15:59:23

yabu and a wee bit precious. Your getting married, not her.

BruciesDollyDealer Fri 07-Oct-11 16:01:08

other peoples wedding plans are boring

dont really blame her for avoiding it

ShatnersBassoon Fri 07-Oct-11 16:01:16

YABU. Her life is more important to her than your wedding. She's done what she needs to do.

pippilongsmurfing Fri 07-Oct-11 16:01:58

YABU, it's not her job to organise your wedding, and as it is your wedding it is not going to be the centre of her universe.

Do you know if she's having problems at home/work?

Proudnreallyveryscary Fri 07-Oct-11 16:02:20

I know this might come as a shock and perhaps you should sit down for this...


I know, I know, it sounds insane...but it might just be true.

thisisyesterday Fri 07-Oct-11 16:02:49

um, yes yabu"!

she is a bridesmaid, not a slave who follows you around and tends to your needs even though you don't actually want anything doing

take a step back.
your wedding is not as important to other people as it is to you.

re-read your OP and imagine what you'd say if someone else had posted it....

Aislingorla Fri 07-Oct-11 16:05:37

Why not ask her why she is 'not making time for you'? Surely if she 's close enough to you to be asked to be a bridesmaid you can tell her that her attitude is upsetting you.
Maybe she means well but is not overly interested in weddings and all the details. Some people just are not that into weddings.

unfitmother Fri 07-Oct-11 16:06:12


Unless this is a joke, in which case...grin

X posts with everyone grin

HerScaryness Fri 07-Oct-11 16:07:55

She sounds jealous tbh.

Why not say to her that you will completely understand if she is too busy to be a BM, and that if she want's to withdraw, you will completely understand, and that she will be just as welcome as a guest if that is easier for her.

Call her and chat about it, be sweet and give her the space to back out with dignity. If she genuinely wants to remain a part of it then explain to her what you need from her and ask her how you can help her to help you get it all done.

HerScaryness Fri 07-Oct-11 16:08:34

By CALL her, i mean, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES text her.

cat64 Fri 07-Oct-11 16:11:31

Message withdrawn

newbiedoobiedoo Fri 07-Oct-11 16:16:23

I think you're being ABU! Sorry!

When you're organising a wedding, big or small, it can take over everything. You want it to be perfect and you want people to be as interested as you but the thing is, they don't HAVE to be! Alot of people find it incredibly dull.

Tbh, you do sound a little spoiled by asking should she be making time for you! You're an adult! She doesn't really have to make time for you. But on the day, you're the bride and that's it! wink

valiumredhead Fri 07-Oct-11 16:17:06

She sounds jealous tbh

She's probably bored out of her mind and doesn't want to talk about wedding plans grin

Oakmaiden Fri 07-Oct-11 16:17:18

All I required from my bridesmaid was that they turned up on the day and smiled nicely at the camera. And wore pretty shoes, rather than clumpy boots. Although I didn't get my way with that last bit....

YABU - what on earth do you want her for that is so much more important than her real everyday life?

deathlyhallows Fri 07-Oct-11 16:18:04

Hang on I never asked her to do anything for me all I am saying is she has not actually asked if there is anything she can do to help and ask how I am getting on from time to time. She does have a bit of a stressful job but it's not one u would take home with u . She has no kids or anything so it's not like she would struggle to find the time . She has cancelled important appointments I needed her at for her attire to go out partying.
I organised my own hen night but my other bridesmaids organised like favours and stuff which they paid for . She turned up and left early .

I have been a bridesmaid twice before and I am one again next year and I would never treat the bride the way she has treated me. I feel like an inconvenience to her . I feel like she just wants to turn up on the day and pose for pictures .

BanalChelping Fri 07-Oct-11 16:19:01

One day you'll look back and laugh about how nutso obsessed you became over your wedding. Have a word with yourself.

TheBloodCountessBathory Fri 07-Oct-11 16:19:10

What wedding stuff do you text her about?

Agree with everyone else, she's turned up to everything you've asked her to.

Maybe she is a bit jealous, or maybe she's having a hard time in some other area of her life. Or maybe she glazes over with boredom at any mention of your wedding and can't summon the energy to reply to your deadly texts grin

member Fri 07-Oct-11 16:20:56

Sorry, but I think YABU.

I've not been a bridesmaid & chose to have none when I married, but if someone were to ask me to be one, I'd think wearing co-ordinated outfits & make-up & maybe helping the bride dress/hold bouquet as required on the day would be fulfilling my duties. You say she's only done things that were "for her"; they were for your benefit.

What else did you expect her to do???

sausagesandmarmelade Fri 07-Oct-11 16:21:54

Must be really hurtful.

We usually choose bridesmaids that we are close to and want to be involved in the arrangements of our special day.

It is an honour to be it usually signifies closeness to the bride...and a public acknowledgement of that.

So when you have someone who doesn't appear to value the role and/or who shows no enthusiasm it can be hurtful....

I would get on with your wedding....stick with the people that are really happy for you and involved. The run up can be really make time to pamper yourself and to chill out as well!

Good luck!

valiumredhead Fri 07-Oct-11 16:22:34

What would you like her to offer to do for you OP? confused

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