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the sign of a great friendship is to share your harvest festival donation with a friend in need...

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babybarrister Thu 06-Oct-11 19:13:18

I have had the week from hell - the phone call we all dread from A and E telling me DH found unconscious on way to work on bike. Have been with him for days nin hospital and have no idea what is happening with DS and school [DS 4 was obviously looked after!]. JUst back home now and apparently it is harvest festival tomorrow ... my great friend has offered to split her contribution grin. I know I have some tins but I have no idea what type of thing they want, I am exhausted and obviously so is DH [who thankfully hopefully will be OK]. This is the definition of friendship smile [flowers]

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDawn Thu 06-Oct-11 19:46:37

Sometimes it's a little thing that can have more meaning than any "Grand Gesture"
I hope your DH makes a speedy recovery smile

babybarrister Thu 06-Oct-11 20:52:59


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